A Fox in Space

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The show about a... ah forget it. I realized that there's no thread about this show on ocremix, and it's a crime for me to not serve as a living advertisement and babble about this to every potential StarFox fan I meet.

Look at how expressive their faces are!

To quote, A Fox in Space is "an irreverent Star Fox animated series with ’70s style." Basically the sort of thing I always wished Nintendo would do with this franchise - actually build a story around it's characters that doesn't end in a reboot. Even better - a serious space drama juxtaposed against animal characters, which is the impression I got playing the original game. (And would prefer over the Saturday morning cartoon camp of later games.) Anyways, it was the personal project of Matthew Gafford, (Fredryk Phox - anyone remember him?) for several years, getting a name change along the way due to a Nintendo DMCA.

Episode 2 is in the works, with more animators to help this time.

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Just caught this yesterday. Great show, can't wait for Episode 2.

I especially like the Robot Legs scene. 'No, no! I fully support ... whatever it is you're doing.' LOL

However, after solving the robot legs issue and the Star Fox issue (also hilarious), what will happen next??



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