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Master Mi - Drum Grooves Lvl.2

Master Mi

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So... finally, I've managed to improve my rookie drum skills to a much more advanced level of drum composing skills - which will help me a lot with my video game remix projects in the future.
That's how level 2 of my drums skills sounds like.

This time I've also created a screen recording video of my playing drum VSTI (instead of just a picture) for the Youtube version - so, you can follow most of the drum elements in my drum solo project much better.

Backgrounds and futher informations you can find in the description of the Youtube upload.
There 's also a clyp link with an uploaded 320 kbit/s file for the die-hard audiophiles.
Newest version of my track: 1.1

>>> https://clyp.it/dqb5rrty


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Actual drummer here. This is quite good. The different velocity levels on the hits are necessary to have a realistic sounding performance and you did a great job with that.

The only two issues I have with it are

1) The bass drum is a little busy at the beginning of the track. It would be difficult, although not impossible, for an actual drummer to play that groove with one foot. You can tell he only has one foot available to play it because the other is busy doing things with the hi hat.

2) Around 1:00 you have some cymbal hits happening by themselves. However these should practically always be accompanied by a hit on the bass drum or, if necessary in the context of the pattern, the snare. The cymbal "flair" you have going on around 0:40 is fine, but the other parts should be corrected.

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