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Ninja Gaiden Compilation?


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I think classic NG hasn't really gotten a lot of love from this community. Sure, there's a ton of covers of "Ashtar's Theme", and "The Parasprinter", but that's just a couple songs. Maybe we could get a collab album of all three games** together? I think it could be rather awesome!

**The main reason I suggest doing all three as one album, is because there's a considerable amount of overlap between them. At least to my recollection. (May be time for a re-listen...)

Ninja Gaiden 1:

Ninja Gaiden 2:

Ninja Gaiden 3:


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1 hour ago, MindWanderer said:

I tried to recruit for a NG album a year or two ago.  Wasn't a ton of interest.

Seriously? Those games were classics in their own time! I mean they were big enough that the trilogy got a snes port! I'm pretty surprised!

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