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  1. I used to have a pair of SkullCandy Crushr headphones, and even though I lost them around 2 years ago, I miss the heck out of those. The sound was incredible. They weren't noise-canceling, or have a cooled cord, but I didn't have issues with tangles or external sound with them. I think they're $30 well-spent.
  2. It's been about 5 years since "Esther's Dreams" came out, and I'm wondering, since I'm now a father myself, if there's any other music that would fit in the same vein, that maybe I missed. I was putting together some chiptune stuff for a potential child (and my own peaceful times), but sorta fell of the scene shortly after the aforementioned album released. I'm open to suggestions, OCR, original game music, or otherwise. For starters, I've already thought of Zelda's Lullaby, and still have the chiptune playlist, but I don't have much access to a computer these days. I know if I can get in-game suggestions, I have the chip formats of most older (ps1 and prior) games on my phone and tablet. Thoughts?
  3. I had a fun thought a couple days ago, as I wondered what folks would think as far as using remixes from OCR, VGMix (rip), and the like as "mood music". I'm pretty sure there's enough variety at this point that we could have quite the diverse settings available. l For example, I recently perused the site for driving music, specifically looking for remixes of music from various driving/flight sim games. we also have some pretty chill tunes that would work for relaxation or dinner music. Thoughts?
  4. FL530

    Streaming site?

    That would be awesome! If it ever comes to fruition, I'd love to beta test it, if you open that option!
  5. FL530

    Streaming site?

    I actually listen to RainWave on occasion, and it's pretty cool, but I'm wanting something where I can set-up playlists that play only the songs I want to hear, and not have to listen to songs that I may not want to listen to at a given moment. Say, for example, I want to listen to some "Nintendo slow jams" as I'm settling into bed for the night. Or want some heavier music for a long drive. RainWave, while it might play some of those things, won't necessarily play them at the "appropriate time". Hopefully, you know what I'm reaching for here.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has considered -- or knows of -- a service, akin to Spotify or Pandora, that has music from OCRemix, VGMix, DoD, and the like, as well as original game music. If not, does anyone know how to set one up? And would it even be worth the effort? I'm curious what everyone thinks about the idea.
  7. I like the idea. At the same time, though, I'm wondering if there's to much overlap with the leitmotif (simple definition, the main theme is in EVERYTHING!). Just my two cents.
  8. So I was humming the main theme from Breath of the Wild, and without trying to, I was sort of hearing it in my head in a similar style to the Theme from Matlock. It seems to lend itself well to that style, (at least in my head) and was wondering if someone might want to give it a try...
  9. I had a crazy idea at work yesterday, and I kinda want to see if someone could pull it off. This music as as played by Kenny G, if he joined Dead Kennedy's, Suicidal Tendencies, Primus, or the like. Any takers? Lol. Another thought I had with this was a sort-of rap battle between the O.C. Plaid Missions and the One-ups. Not with lyrics, but with the brass... As ridiculous as this sounds, it is a serious request.
  10. I kinda want to see some Breath of the Wild Trick/Stunt Videos now. Even if it's a machinimation type thing! Lol!
  11. Sweet! Just curious, how did you end up finding this, @CHz? I notice the base URL is archive.org, but from what I can tell, It's through the "Wayback Machine". Teach me, Great Master!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong [as in, post a reply below], but I don't think there's any Flamenco or Mariachi-styled remixes on OCR, so I'd like to get some more if we can. They're fairly lively styles that would add a little bit of diversity to the collection [and it'd be fun to play some OCR for a Cinco De Mayo party, or a quinceanera or some other Hispanic and/or Italian celebrations [being a bit of an American Caucasian "mutt", I don't really know what all is out there.].
  13. For what it's worth, I believe Machinae Supremacy did something of a cover of it. I can't remember which song it was on, but I think it was one of these three: http://youtu.be/IzX7MY2U41k?list=PLF4MOZ0osHNrZ8unvo_4Ned_ZC4fKhPlP (Sidology trilogy)
  14. This idea sort of came to me at work last night, and it seemed kinda like a fun concept. Essentially, if one could play this: In the style of "My Sharona": ...or at least with that bassline style... Seems like it'd be a fun one to try...
  15. I love it! It makes me think of the transition from the early silent movies to the early "talkies". This makes me want to see a live action CT movie done to look like this or in some 60's movie style! LOL!
  16. I can definitely hear the Manson influence. Not so sure about anything else (I'm not really catching the Sting, and I've never even heard of Hunz, Laxity or Skaven before today...) That aside, I really enjoy this piece! I may add this to my chillax playlist or my work shuffle. Hard to call there, as it sort of "rides the line" in my book, but that's not necessarily a bad thing!
  17. Seriously? Those games were classics in their own time! I mean they were big enough that the trilogy got a snes port! I'm pretty surprised!
  18. What does the fox say in 20 seconds...?
  19. I think classic NG hasn't really gotten a lot of love from this community. Sure, there's a ton of covers of "Ashtar's Theme", and "The Parasprinter", but that's just a couple songs. Maybe we could get a collab album of all three games** together? I think it could be rather awesome! **The main reason I suggest doing all three as one album, is because there's a considerable amount of overlap between them. At least to my recollection. (May be time for a re-listen...) Ninja Gaiden 1: Ninja Gaiden 2: Ninja Gaiden 3:
  20. This would actually mesh pretty well with the vocals from "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". If someone does it, I'd listen to it a lot!
  21. I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum, or if anyone knows about this, but DreamHost links seem to be down: I get this with any of the links to DreamHost
  22. First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but it seemed the most appropriate place. That out of the way... -------------------------------------------------------- Fun little idea I had: Anytime, while browsing OCR, I've noticed that (at least, while I'm on) the mascots never (or very, very, very rarely) show for a remix from their respective games. So, I thought we could make a fun little game out of it! Essentially, any time you DO get a match, take a screenshot and post it below!
  23. I would get a kick out of it if one of the OCR collab bands did a cover of the DK rap, purely for LOLs! Especially if it falls apart fast [e.g. band members one-by-one essentially saying "F___ This" and just rage-quitting mid-song.]
  24. Even though I haven't made it very far in either one of these games, I think they deserve the "OCR Album" treatment. It'd be pretty cool to have one, even if you combined both games [Well, there's only 2 that I know of, anyway] for one album. **Dangles Carrot**
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