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OCR03392 - Secret of Mana "Psalm of the Summer Sky"


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03392 - Secret of Mana "Psalm of the Summer Sky"

Thank you Ocremix for posting another of my remixes!

Took more of a blow in the judges crits than I expected, but it's all good, constructive stuff to remember for my next ones. I actually had to pull back the leads and bass when I was doing it because I thought they were too STRONG, I would not have guessed they were still thin and basic. :P The glitching was deliberate, I don't remember doing any randomness there, but that just tells me I need to work on it more.

Next time I'll have to put some more reverb or whatever gives it wetness and turn down the accompaniment. I personally like louder accompaniment, but if that's an improvement overall, I need to work at it too. :D

Thanks again!

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Okay, color me impressed. The best thing about this mix is the tone, which, while there are plenty of deviations and glitches, never varies from a happy optimism, where you're walking through the fields with an upgraded weapon, full health, and all the potential of the world ahead. Bonus points for 2:00-2:30, the calm center of a joyous trip.

Love what you've captured here. Shows that even a more 'aggressive' EDM style doesn't mean you can't keep some of the purity and hope of a simpler arrangement. A tough line to walk - but this remix walked it!

Well done!

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