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Donkey Kong Country Returns - Aquatic Ambiance Remix


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I'm sure there have been like a billion remixes of this particular soundtrack, but I couldn't resist. Here's my take on it: 
Please let me know what to improve upon, what you liked or what you weren't a huge fan of, all that jazz! :D 

and here is the original track: 


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Hi. I really like your version. It's simply and nice.

Just little thing (i'm not a big pro), I'm not fan of your kick in the first part. For me, too much reverb in my earphone.

At 2:17, the rythm could change a little bit (but perhaps you want it 90's dance touch)

At 3:00, it seems to be too muh compression isn't it? 

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Gave it a few listens, my opinion:

- Rather sparse.  :48-1:42 or -2:11 seem like it's just filler, not a whole lot going on.

- The snare during :48-1:42 sounds too verby, maybe too much lo-end, maybe too much decay.  Your ride is a little too soft, could use a bit more volume 

- the chop @ 1:27 was nice

- The kick @ 2:38 sounds a little off, not sure if it's over compression, or there's so lo-end verb getting muffled, but the sound doesn't sound as clean as it should.  The open hat is also quite soft

The sound is pleasant, I like the synth lead and atmosphere, but there isn't a whole lot going on for most of the track, then when it comes to the meat of it it's pretty standard trance beat.  Could use more spices, less filler

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Overall, I like this. The synthscape is pretty. Not sure these drums and synths are the best combination, as it sounds like a plain ol' rock kit in an otherwise fully electronic track. The later, more electronic drums don't seem like the best combo either, whether due to mixing or just choice of samples. But that's your decision, your sound design. It's odd, but I don't think it's a problem.

Skryp's right about how sparse it is. I don't terribly mind, because it's great background music this way, but that doesn't mean it can't have things to follow when listening more closely. The source has a lead melody you can use, even if you chop it down to the most minimal take on it. There's a little bit of that around 3:10 for a bit, but there could be more. It doesn't have to be a lead in your track, but it would help with the sparse content if it was there at all.

I don't think it'd be rejected, but I know there's plenty of things, little things, that bother me. How the track just stops at 0:14 and 0:45. The aforementioned drum issue. How loud your lead is compared to everything else, especially considering how little it actually does in the track. How the bass coming in around 2 minutes in doesn't last very long in the track. Things like that.

Cool stuff.

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