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Hokuto No Ken - Arc systems / Sega Atomiswave - Heavy guitar query

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Hi folks, I was wondering about the source of the guitar sound on this awesome game and if anyone had any info on the composer & gear used, I'm hazarding a guess that it was played live and edited but I'd love to know if the composer opted for a Guitar sim or if it was a full amp & mic set up ?

Here is a link to the soundtrack...





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My god, that guitar sounds terrible. Sounds like the Guitar Pro 5 "realistic" sound engine - not sure why you'd want to sound like it, honestly. I'm assuming you're asking so you can get a tone like that yourself? 


It definitely sounds like something cheap - it really sounds like something you'd get with a low-watt solid state amp, crappy pickups and a distortion pedal like the boss metal-zone. You can also do this with a Line 6 Spider II, older POD, new POD with bad settings etc. It shouldn't be tough to get a sound like that. 

I'd dream bigger though, if you can. Here are some games and bands with guitar soundtracks similar in style you may want to consider if you're looking to find a new guitar sound.


Now that, my friend, is how guitars should sound.

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Hey thanks for the links to GG thats totally awesome tone!

I guess it's wasn't so much the tone as the 'Workflow' or 'how' those genius Japanese composers apply Guitar to the Game soundtrack, I think you probably right about the POD though - sold mine about 10 years ago so glad I did!



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