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list of free arrangements?

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When new arrangements are released I have seen it announced on the page that it is the 48th or 53rd free arrangement. I was wondering if there is a list of the official arrangements 1-xx somewhere?

I have followed the scene on and off for years but I am trying to get caught up and the downloads page does not offer many options for sorting.

I have looked over the site the last few days before deciding to post this so if I have missed this I apologize. I appreciate the help.

Thank you

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If you're talking about individual tracks, all official mixposts are free. The word 'arrangement' refers to individual songs/tracks, not albums. You'd call an album of arrangements an arrangement album.

If you're talking about albums, there's no convenient list of just the free remix albums, but you can sort by catalog and thus find all the OCRA albums grouped. They're all free.

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3 hours ago, namdor said:

I'm talking about a list that would show all of these as an example:


The album's page has a ton of albums but certain albums are numbered if you go to their dedicated download page. The tmnt one above is listed as the 47th free arrangement.

Does that make more sense?

As I mentioned earlier, on this page, the albums are listed; underneath the titles are the labels OCRX-00YY. That tells you what album number it is. If it's OCRC, then it's commercial, but OCRA is free. So the TMNT album would be listed as OCRA-0047.

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