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Gluttonous Sonata in F Minor (General Grunt's Masterpiece)

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Hey guys!

I haven't posted here since 2006 and back then I was just browsing and not sharing much.

Since then I've been practicing composing a bit of music myself. Mainly motifs for my original cartoon/puppet characters (yes, I build puppets now.)

I consider myself a total novice as I can't play any actual instrument and cannot read sheet music for the life of me. I literally just plug notes into the FL studio piano roll until it sounds like music. I'm working with free sound fonts too. So my music is pretty much midi sounding. Anyways I figure I'd share my latest composition. It's a solo piano suite of my main character's motif/theme. The backstory is that my character spent 28 years composing it and considers it his masterpiece. He plays it when he's got free time or if he want's to creep out his guests.

His theme is essentially an original russian/soviet sounding march, but in this I gave it many variations. From Bach, to Mozart to even a waltz. I tend to compose music in 3 genres: Russian military, German polka and evil circus music.

I suck at mixing/mastering/ orchestrating so go easy on me. I'm trying to learn more. Music isn't my main focus but I figure it's a good skill to have.

Let me know what you think.

Also I'm open to collaboration too. I have a bunch of unused songs/lyrics and a few ideas for video game musical numbers. Mainly Rare ltd and donkey kong country inspired.




For the record I HAVE NO IDEA if this is actually in F minor. The only reason it's titled that is because he says the F word a lot. If anyone can tell me what key it's in I'm all ears.

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Thank you! I've never heard the Zun music but Tchaikovsky was a huge influence. My samples aren't great, naturally but I was experimenting with an organ sound initially. I don't know if it was my crap samples but it sounded too muddy. I tried a harpsichord and that sounded rad, but In the end I settle for solo piano, although I may revisit it with different instrument choices. My only advice for making faux classical music is to listen to a lot of classical music. Find Midi files and via piano roll, study the note patterns. My first songs were in the style of Grant kirkhope and its because I studied the polka rhythm pattern he often uses.

Glad you like the piece!

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