3. completed SNES F-Zero - Port Town (I give up)

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I'm not really qualified to evaluate this, so I won't lol. I did really enjoy this. The muted trumpet around :50 was cool, I liked that. The reverby sax at 1:30 was real cool too. I liked it, a nice jazz piece. As far as anything else goes like mixing or production lol, I can't really say I'm qualified to tell you about. But I enjoyed this.

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Hey, thanks, I'm glad you like it!

I wasn't planning to add anything else to this, beyond extending it in the context of a mix or an album. I am going to make something for youtube really soon though.

I was so tired from doing the one last recording before my lips gave out, that I said I GIVE UP at the end. I thought it was funny because of F-zero, so I left it in.

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