3. completed Final Fantasy III - The Belly of the Beast (Dungeon)

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Some of the sections sound really great! Some of the sections sound like the chords and melody aren't working together. I think at least one is purposefully dissonant but still doesn't work for my ears. The good ones are super cool and the dynamic between quiet creepy sections and the most energetic riffs is admirable and inspiring!

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Not a fan of the chorus-y distortion for the guitar in the intro - aside from that, pretty darn awesome. I'm particularly attracted to the timing aspect of the driving riffs linking the different parts of the track - 0:39 to 0:51 and 1:17 to 1:42 are great examples of what I mean - props to you and your 'bois' for nailing this, it makes the transitions just as exciting as the verse parts of the track. I'm also a fan of the bass solo at 2:47 to 3:24; the bats are a nice touch to the sound design.

Awesome track!

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