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Mega Man Legends - Dashe's Flying Thing (Completed)

Dash Myoku

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Well, this is hopefully going to be the first remix I submit to OCR. The title is for a friend, since she kept bugging me to remix this track. But before I try and submit it, I'd like to know if it's OCR "quality." I'm not a rich SOB, so I have to rely on free software and free soundfonts to make my remixes. x.x

Anyways, here's a link to the download.

Click Here!

And besides, it seems to me that I'd be the first to submit a Mega Man Legends remix. OMG! A first! xP

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Straight off the bat, I can tell you that your soundfonts have a terribly MIDI-ish feel. The piano and overdriven guitar (if I'm placing those correctly) that you've got as leads are the most notable examples. They just sound fake.

On more technical matters, I can't help you.

What theme is this, by the way? I remember loving Legends, but I can't place where this music plays in the game.

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I love this song.. if only you could get better quality samples or something like that. I remember playing Mega Man 64, which is the Nintendo 64 version of Mega Man Legends, years ago. The original song is superb.. I can say that I love this version too. Great variations on the main theme. The only thing this piece lacks is quality samples. The bass towards the end of the song gets rather annoying as well. If you could get a real guitar in there or something.. it would sound simply amazing.

Excellent work.. my opinion may be biased because I loved this track from the game.. and it brings back memories. But, nonetheless I love this track. If you could recreate this with better samples and stuff, I personally think it would be a real winner.

Please keep me updated!

Good luck! 8)

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I remember your from vgmix. I will say this sounds marginally BETTER in quality than the previous arrangements you did (those using slayer, like "Go Go Megaman"). At any rate, this is pretty decent and whatever your using now sounds a lot better than what you used back then. If you ever manage to get your hands on some really good soundfonts (or samples), you'll be in good shape.

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