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  1. I'd like to buy Sonic Rush (if nobody else did already).
  2. Isn't this stage 1? Um, other than that, this is pretty much amazing. I hope you do continue with this soon.
  3. I think the other two were Joker's "Flesh and Steel" and one by a guy named Golden Tears (using an odd font). I have Joker's "Flesh and Steel", but I can't give it to you until Friday...unless someone else does it first.
  4. "Inside Club X" isn't. I'm not 100% sure about the other one yet though.
  5. http://www.oneupstudios.com/EPs/EP-00.zip Mustin's tune is within that .zip. The rest of the files (or at least some/most of them) that got removed are here.
  6. You picked a very good source tune. It's nice to see a Tactics Ogre arrangement for a change. Especially considering that to the best of my knowledge there haven't been any yet! :/ I think the arrangement is faithful to the original no doubt and offers some decent amounts of variation in the instruments. The addition of the percussion around 1:11 is quite nice but I think it would be nice to include more of it possibly. I don't recall the original being quite this dynamic with the cymball crashes and all so I'd guess that's another strong point of addition as well. Personally I think this a pretty good job. It may be helpful to add even more original ideas to the arrangement but you may not need them. That's the best I can give you. Hopefully someone with more experience than me will come along and help. Also, thank you. For arranging this song. I'm glad to know I'm not the only who's heard it.
  7. I'm going to finish, someday. I do still intend to work on my song, but if someone else comes along and asks for it before I get anything else in, they can have it.
  8. Well you certainly had a fairly inovative approach to this track considering most of the time people like to do this one on piano. I think you've added a lot of great dynamics to the source and brought out the best in it. Whatever those weaknesses are, I can't find them. It's sounds great to me too.
  9. I like the string samples, the piano sounds alright, but I'm sure someone else might say something about it. It's a decent song, but since it's an original I really don't have anything else to compare it back to. If you're still going to work on it I would suggest a slower more drawn out ending, like by using the arpeggios again on the guitar but slower and more dynamically and ending on the same chord, except longer, on the piano. If not though, the regular ending is good.
  10. It's about time man. Well, it sounds decent thus far. The only real critique I can think of is that the drums sound louder than your guitars. The rhythm in here is pretty solid, the recording is decent, and the bass sounds great. I'm sorry to say though, I fail to remember what the first actual ruin was in Mega Man Legends 2 (was there one before Manada Island, or not?).
  11. Sorry I havent checked back in awhile. I just got a lap top and while I was transfering my files, I ended up losing my WIP. I remember most of it though, but if someone would still has it and can send it to me that would help too. At any rate, I'll try to work on it while I'm gone this week, I'll have an update hopefully on the 29th or 30th. Sorry everyone.
  12. Ha ha! This was a heck of a choice for a source tune. You expanded on it pretty well here. Nice work.
  13. "My Name is Nineko", anyone? Thank you, Rexy. Too often people forget that I, not Danny B, was the first one who did a vocal Marble Garden The point is, his remix is awesomely good. Mine sucks. I actually do remember. It just wasn't quite as surprising as it was on Knuckleduster. And your's doesnt suck.
  14. Not at all. I thought they made the song as well. I also agree with the notion about it standing out on the project. Hearing lyrics in "Marble Garden" certainly wasnt something I was expecting. The vocal style came across to me as very off the wall, but still very cool. I might not of been as excited to hear another plain synth-oriented arrangement of this particular song, so the lyrics, to me, really made this one worth while. I really enjoyed this one a lot and I feel that's mainly because of the vocals. I'd also to like to see the lyrics (along with however many other people requested it as well) so I can stop trying to guess them.
  15. I remember your from vgmix. I will say this sounds marginally BETTER in quality than the previous arrangements you did (those using slayer, like "Go Go Megaman"). At any rate, this is pretty decent and whatever your using now sounds a lot better than what you used back then. If you ever manage to get your hands on some really good soundfonts (or samples), you'll be in good shape.
  16. Wow, these arrangements are great. Oddly enough I do have a flamenco guitar, and a mic, but I really dont have any software. Much less the skills to play the rhythm in the first song. Perhaps a better suggestion would be to check here, ktriton, who hangs out over there occasionaly, I think has done an arrangement in this sort of style, and if not him I'm sure somebody on that end might be able to help you out. If it's all right though, could I possibly see the midi for the Pirates Cove?
  17. It's funny how they seem to complete shun any fan made arrangements that dont sound exactly like the original and yet find stuff like this perfectly acceptable.
  18. Wow, I'm so psyched it's finally out! Here are some (not so) productive comments: This seems to have a lot to offer. So many genres were covered and it seems like everyone excelled in their respective areas. I think pretty much all the songs I've been through so far do the originals more than justice. The two opening tracks were pretty tight, and very reminiscent. Divided from Grace was pretty cool. Walk on Water came across to me as somewhat unusual considering the artist, but in that regard was still very amazing. Knuckle Duster was pretty cool. I certainly wasn't expecting lyrics so that was actually a nice little surprise. Hetcenus deserves mad props for what he did with Ice Caps, it kind of gave me the urge to start a mosh pit, and I usually don’t get THAT excited over piano tracks. Just about all the synth tracks were pretty freaking cool, but I have to go back and hear them all again so I can make more specific comments. Also, I'd like to second this: I think that about says it all. I don’t think Sky Sanctuary will ever sound quite as good as it did in "Breathtaking Vision". And finally, my favorite track so far has been "The Doomsday", because it was so cool it nearly had me screaming like a girl in excitement. This was overall some excellent music. All of you guys rock!
  19. Cool. I'll do my best to have the composition finally finished by then.
  20. Would it be too incredibly horrible if I said my updated WIP wouldnt be ready today?
  21. Here to say I'm still alive and I do plan to have a decently progressed Wip by the deadline. It might not be finished yet though.
  22. So Big Giant Circles is only one person? I thought that was a band. Well now that my dreams are crushed, congratulations to him and the other "dude" who is now a judge. kidding, I know pixietricks isnt a dude.
  23. Was there a particular reason that they couldnt release the 1500 AND Project Chaos at the same time? I mean it would be cool because then instead of two seperate headlines you could have one big one. Now I know that's probably not going to happen, but I was just wondering why exactly. Unless of course this was discussed before, then in that case disregard this whole thing.
  24. The first one's not eligible and the second one is already given an automatic spot, so you might want to choose 2 others. That sucks! Naw, it's cool. I guess that's what I get for only reading half a page. Thanks for the heads up, I went back and changed it.
  25. my (sort-of)top five: Frozen Lavareef (wip) - Gamebox Hydrochill - Kanjika Sand Cafe - Darkesword Credits (demo) - Kanjika Heads up for tails - Hadyn
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