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  1. In going back and listening to the boss themes from Sonic 2, I realized something: if you replaced the main synth with a good bagpipe, it would mesh really well with the war-march style drums already there. Throw in an electric guitar for the bass or chords, and you'd have something awesome in the vein of The Paddy Set by Seven Nations. It works for both the regular stage boss theme and the final boss theme; in fact, given how short both themes are, they could probably mesh well into a medley. Thanks for reading my idea!
  2. I'm gonna say... Medusa, was it? From Kid Icarus. It could have been difficult (and quite likely could have knocked me out several times over) if not for the fact that there was a spot where you were completely out of range of all of its attacks. Drop down, shoot in the eye, rise up, repeat. TEH EDN
  3. If you'd like something else to dissect for whether or not it's a wavedash, look at the Nintendo World Trailer in Snake's section. Just before he blasts Pit with the Rock Launcher, he bobs his head forward and moves toward Pit slightly. It's not a natural-looking motion, which makes me wonder if it's a wavedash or something else entirely. Sorry I don't have a GIF for it. As to the percent-based health system, my interpretation of it is that at 100%, a character of average "weight" (like Mario) stands a significant chance of being knocked off by a smash attack of average power. Essentially, 100% damage is where most people will fall off, on average. Obviously, it takes more damage on Bowser and less on Kirby, but 100% is the center point.
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    Free Music

    I'm not sure if this qualifies as having "found" it on the Internet more than being one of the unfortunate few to be aware of its existence, but Shpladoink and I recently released about 60 minutes of total garbage to the general public. Our little musical organization's site is here and the album itself is hosted at this page. Enjoy (or don't)!
  5. After listening to this song, I had it stuck in my head for several hours. Then I tried to go to sleep. I tossed and turned for several hours, the song still stuck in my head. When I woke up, IT WAS STILL PLAYING. It's well-executed, but you might want to play around with the tune a bit more. As it stands, it's a bit on the repetitive side.
  6. Straight off the bat, I can tell you that your soundfonts have a terribly MIDI-ish feel. The piano and overdriven guitar (if I'm placing those correctly) that you've got as leads are the most notable examples. They just sound fake. On more technical matters, I can't help you. What theme is this, by the way? I remember loving Legends, but I can't place where this music plays in the game.
  7. Sweet fnark, this is is awesome. And I know why: you're the guy who did "Calm Before the Eagle", one of my other favorite Mega Man remixes. Only thing I can say about this is that the distortion is a bit heavy in spots, which makes it sound like you're playing it louder than it ought to be. That's really my only complaint.
  8. Sounded like the Braindead Monkeys to me, which is still a good thing. Yeah, a little too heavy on the swearing for my poor virgin ears, but I definitely appreciate the in-jokes and overall quality of the piece.
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