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Funky Megalovania cover from Undertale


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Megalovania, such a neat track overall (though admittedly doesn't fit the Undertale soundtrack that well, lol). Not a bad choice to give a crack at a cover, I'll say. The drumming is very interesting, in that you really change up the beats to keep things fresh. The relatively wet recording causes some conflict with the other instruments, though, since it makes the accompaniment sound like it was recorded in a different room. If you record, record dry and match whatever reverb levels you desire. If that's not an option, match your reverb levels in the other instruments to what you have in a recording.

Overall, while accurate, the soundscape sounds hollow and empty, and the instrumentation sounds mechanical (especially the piano). There's melody, there's bass, but there really isn't any harmony filling out your space, so everything sounds unfinished, and the sequencing of instruments sounds like it's a skeleton of what you want to accomplish.

As far as a cover goes, you've replicated the source accurately, which is good (no notable wrong or sour notes). You simply need to flesh out what you started - give it some harmonic meat, give some humanized life to the fake sounding samples, etc.. It's not a bad starting point, though, so keep at it!

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