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Female operatic singer needed for a Mighty Poo remix/music video

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So this is sort of odd but I'm in need of a female opera singer for an arrangement of Sloprano that I'm going to be doing a music video for. The music itself is done and The entire video will be done with puppets. Here is an example of another collab I did a while ago:

The latest one is basically  Sloprano as a German/Wagnerian opera in the vein of Ride of the Valkyries without giving too much away. The video will be styled like a opera concert shot in berlin, with a female puppet singer in a viking helmet. My idea was to have the first and last verse in english but the middle and end spiel would be in German.


If there are any ladies out there who would be willing to lend their vocal talents to this let me know ASAP.

You can also PM me for further details. Like I said the music is done, so I just need a vocalist (preferably one who can speak German). Thank you :)

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