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Found 15 results

  1. Hello guys! I'm Hashel the founder and album organizer for the Pixel Mixers community! We are now working on what should be our 23rd or 24th album (depending on how fast we work on stuff), a tribute to Final Fantasy IX. (Current list of our albums so far => https://pixel-mixers.com/2018/04/08/pixel-mixers-albums-list/) We do free stuff (so not licensed) and we already have someone for the art (Leo Mind Waker) and mastering (Ro Panuganti). The goal would be to have at least one cover/remix by song from the original OST (songs from the OST+ are allowed but would end on a "bonus
  2. Hello all, TheChargingRhino, here. I am in need of several people to help me create my newest idea for my bonus track in the Star Fox album, Clipped Wings. Who I need: Guitar, bass, synths, drums, possibly a piano, singers. I shall come up with the lyrics and do a practice test, so those that are singing know what I want the overall lyrics to sound like. The song is now called "(We Got) Clipped Wings" and is going to a mostly first person account of the Battle of Corneria. Track source is Corneria from Star Fox. Verse # 1 (for those of you i
  3. I'm experimenting with an "electro-acoustic" cover of a song by Mr. J. Medeiros, and I'm curious if there are any vocalists that would like to collaborate. I really like his more recent song "Weight", and I've begun sketching out a cover. Here's the original: And here's a very short sketch: Fair warning: I'm not an experienced ReMixer or anything (probably obvious). However, I'd like to improve this mix and incorporate some ideas. I've already gone ahead and given the chorus to a pulse lead and plan to keep the digital and acoustic elements blended. I thought it
  4. Hey everyone! So I'm a puppeteer, artist, novice composer and animator. Christmas is just around the corner and I had an idea for a stop motion animation based around one of the most underrated Rare games of all time: Grabbed By The Ghoulies. With a soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope: Playlist: The idea came to me when I was thinking of simple animations. I remember a while back they had Ron Swanson doing the "Yule Log" so I though doing a claymation of the game's final boss Baron Von Ghoul in a similar thing but call it the "Ghoul Log" accompanied by a compilation of
  5. Hello there, I'm looking for as many vocalists I can get, male or female, for a couple of songs. First is a hymn-like song. For this I request multiple voices, but I only need only one stanza, as follows: When Esteria calls // She, the angel, Falls Shattered Heaven waits for you to // Rise and control your fate Surrounded by broken dreams? // Lift your voice and sing: "Please watch over me, // Daraku Tenshi." https://www.dropbox.com/s/soeabiufk0zia03/[R]Evolution (Shattered) 2011.mp3?dl=0 Harmony for final stanza Second is a phrase, the vocal hook for a song.
  6. It's in the title. I wrote a sweet metal-core type of song with some pretty string parts. Here's the instrumental version of the song. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz60w4kcWCEHb2dSa0owZkxodWM If you are interested in providing vocals, I'll send you the lyrics and an MP3 of how they are sung to the music. No pitched parts at all. It's entirely brutal shouting. It contains a cool little ode to Zeal at the ending. Please reply or email. Having a vocal sample for me to check out would be nice, but not required. Thank you so much!
  7. Last summer I had much more free time than I had ever had before. As a result I decided I would begin work on a youtube channel producing arrangements and remixes of video game music for (french) horn ensemble. I would write the arrangements, then record both video and audio, do editing, and have a video ready to be released on a regular schedule. Not long after starting, I decided that keeping a regular schedule would be more work than I could do as my free time would quickly run out. Quality was selected over quantity, and I would save these arrangements for future use, possibly on OCR.
  8. I'm finishing up a Golden Sun metal remix that needs vocals (in English). I'm looking for someone serious and would could give me a hand with polishing up the lyrics (since English isn't my main language -- not looking for just a lyrics corrector, sorry). I'm looking for clean vocals, either high or low pitched (no extreme vocals planned so far). PM me here or on Discord with a few examples if you have some.
  9. #ocjazzcollective some Traditional Celtic Band instruments that I Like: Fiddle: GSO Flute: Acoustic Guitar: Harp: Dulcimer: Bodhrán: This is a goatskin drum used widely in Irish music I was thinking this setup could be used for: & ...or anything really. Contact me via PM or caitrin7@hotmail.com if interested
  10. A friend of mine is covering the Opera from FF6 and is looking for vocalists/singers (2 male, 1 female). PM me if interested. Thanks!
  11. Hey there, beautiful OCR people! OverChoral ReMix! It's an idea that I've been juggling for many years, and yet I've either never had the time or got too distracted with other projects and such to get it off the ground. Since I've been in pretty solid shape over the last year, though, I've decided to give this a real shot. There is a LOT of talent on here, and this is something that I can see coming together and really creating some spectacular music that no one in the community has ever heard before, but it's also something that no one can do alone, either. We need an OCR commu
  12. Hey, So this is sort of odd but I'm in need of a female opera singer for an arrangement of Sloprano that I'm going to be doing a music video for. The music itself is done and The entire video will be done with puppets. Here is an example of another collab I did a while ago: The latest one is basically Sloprano as a German/Wagnerian opera in the vein of Ride of the Valkyries without giving too much away. The video will be styled like a opera concert shot in berlin, with a female puppet singer in a viking helmet. My idea was to have the first and last verse in english but th
  13. Hello all! I do instrumental video game remixes but also do vocal remixes too. I'm always looking for new projects to do and I think I am open to do some collab with others! I do mostly rap but I do some singing as well. I'll post samples of my songs for you to hear. Let me know if you have an idea for a collaboration and I'll be glad to do so!
  14. Hello again, everyone! I'm currently arranging and fixing a couple of things on my old Vectorman mix before recording instruments and stuff and was wondering if anyone was interested in providing vocals (male or female) for it? The lyrics are available on SoundCloud and Youtube, so feel free to check them out. They were written by my good friend SuperSonication. Feedback is also very welcome and anyone else who wants to collaborate and re-work this piece with me is more than welcome -- for providing real instruments or arrangements purposes. Thanks in advance
  15. Hello! My name is Stahalamora and I am an Opera/Celtic Singer. Currently working on various tracks with artists from all over, I am looking to collaborate with anyone who thinks my voice would sound good to their music! Do check out my Soundcloud and don't hesitate to contact me if needed!
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