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Found 15 results

  1. Hello guys! I'm Hashel the founder and album organizer for the Pixel Mixers community! We are now working on what should be our 23rd or 24th album (depending on how fast we work on stuff), a tribute to Final Fantasy IX. (Current list of our albums so far => https://pixel-mixers.com/2018/04/08/pixel-mixers-albums-list/) We do free stuff (so not licensed) and we already have someone for the art (Leo Mind Waker) and mastering (Ro Panuganti). The goal would be to have at least one cover/remix by song from the original OST (songs from the OST+ are allowed but would end on a "bonus disc") but for that we'd need a bit of help Here is the sheet, with tracklist on page 1 and rules on page 2, as you can see we got most of the songs claimed already (you may recognize some names from OCR and other communities) => https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13K3di3vP2FRzDdi68NoE7J6YwPEzKNJIeAlMZeOYNPM/edit?usp=sharing The general rules are: - Deadline: 31st of March (few more days will be allowed to let ppl polish their mix if needed, but we MUST release it in end of April / start of May) - Songs must be 2 minutes long minimum (exception for the very short songs, like the sleeping jingle) - Any music style is welcome, live recording or programmed VSTs. Just do not use anything from the game itself please - You can go crazy creative with the arrangements as long as the original is still "easily" recognizable. - Songs must be sent unmastered and with the speak set around -6db Once all the songs from the main OST (you still can claim songs from the OST+ if the remaining songs from main OST do not inspire you and that duplicates are not allowed yet) is the will be claimed, we'll allow duplicates for ppl who are not already on the album and ppl who finished their 1st track (3 track maximum as main arranger but you an be a guest on as many tracks you want) If you want to have an idea of what we do, here is the trailer of the FFVI album we did last year: Okay so i hope i haven't forgot too many things, if you have any kind of questions, feel free to ask me, if you want to claim a song just tell me in here or private =) Hope to see some of you making cool tracks Thanks!
  2. Hello all, TheChargingRhino, here. I am in need of several people to help me create my newest idea for my bonus track in the Star Fox album, Clipped Wings. Who I need: Guitar, bass, synths, drums, possibly a piano, singers. I shall come up with the lyrics and do a practice test, so those that are singing know what I want the overall lyrics to sound like. The song is now called "(We Got) Clipped Wings" and is going to a mostly first person account of the Battle of Corneria. Track source is Corneria from Star Fox. Verse # 1 (for those of you interested.) "We've been fighting a war, a war that has no end. We've tried every-thing, we might be on the mend. When the fighting stalls, I look over the land. See nothing but destruction, isn't war so grand? The General's called me in, said that there's one last thing, to call in the team, the five of us, to bring down the king. I looked at him, he looked at me, and here's what I said- 'Sir, with all due repsect, why us?' And he replied, 'Because you're the best pliots, my dear. Star Fox can't be beat, and I want you to fight Andross' forces.' So the old hound took me to the hangar bay, where the ships were in a line, and he said, "We've been working hard, Krystal - listen to them whine!" And as I watched the ships wheel out, one of them caught my eye - A sleek black fighter, that one was mine. Then the call was made, for us to take to the skies. As I left Pepper's side, I saw tears in his eyes. And as the Arwings went up blazing, I thought, 'Lets give em a hell-raising.'" I have plans for this to be a rock ballad before the actual rock portion starts. If you are interested, please PM me!!!
  3. I'm experimenting with an "electro-acoustic" cover of a song by Mr. J. Medeiros, and I'm curious if there are any vocalists that would like to collaborate. I really like his more recent song "Weight", and I've begun sketching out a cover. Here's the original: And here's a very short sketch: Fair warning: I'm not an experienced ReMixer or anything (probably obvious). However, I'd like to improve this mix and incorporate some ideas. I've already gone ahead and given the chorus to a pulse lead and plan to keep the digital and acoustic elements blended. I thought it could be fun to work with a vocalist to create a more complete cover. I'm also willing and interested in changes to lyrics and structure. Please let me know if you'd like to work on something like this. Thanks! Oh, and I'm not entirely sure this is okay to share here since it has nothing to do with video games. I'm not aware of any other awesome music communities like this, so I thought I'd try here. If this isn't okay, please let me know and we can remove this.
  4. Hey everyone! So I'm a puppeteer, artist, novice composer and animator. Christmas is just around the corner and I had an idea for a stop motion animation based around one of the most underrated Rare games of all time: Grabbed By The Ghoulies. With a soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope: Playlist: The idea came to me when I was thinking of simple animations. I remember a while back they had Ron Swanson doing the "Yule Log" so I though doing a claymation of the game's final boss Baron Von Ghoul in a similar thing but call it the "Ghoul Log" accompanied by a compilation of the games best tunes arranged in the style of classic Christmas music. Its utterly bizarre and I personally think it would be hilarious to hear these halloween style tunes in such a merry way! The idea is to take these minor key songs and turn them upside down into a major key, sligh bell cacophony. Christmas music can vary in different styles. from orchestral, to pop, rock etc. So I encourage creative freedom. Not just instrumental but we could do some lyrical work too! I was wondering If anyone would want to collab on this? I can do all the album artwork, and obviously a stop motion with it too! I compose a tad of music too (NOTHING GOOD) so I can help with some musical ideas. I do write lyrics too. Some Ideas I had are: an orchestral overture medley, in the style of those Rankin Bass main title sequences of the Grabbed By The Ghoulies main theme The Ballroom Disco in the Style of Jingle Bell Rock The final boss fight (Red Baron 1 and 2) arranged in a lyrical song in the style of Snoopy's Christmas by the Royal Guardsman. Here are the best tracks in my opinion: The Main Theme Pause/File Select Skeleton Battle Haunted Coat Zombie Pirates Ballroom Disco Criven's Quarters Red Baron 1+2 I think 8 tracks is plenty but I'm open to any changes. Ideally I'd like to get this done for Christmas. Its a strange concept but I think it would be awesome and hilarious! Anyone interested? Feel free to ask any questions!
  5. Hello there, I'm looking for as many vocalists I can get, male or female, for a couple of songs. First is a hymn-like song. For this I request multiple voices, but I only need only one stanza, as follows: When Esteria calls // She, the angel, Falls Shattered Heaven waits for you to // Rise and control your fate Surrounded by broken dreams? // Lift your voice and sing: "Please watch over me, // Daraku Tenshi." https://www.dropbox.com/s/soeabiufk0zia03/[R]Evolution (Shattered) 2011.mp3?dl=0 Harmony for final stanza Second is a phrase, the vocal hook for a song. This is to be sung by a single female. Can you still smile through the storm and rain Trials and the pain of losing everything again My friend, may your tears fall through the broken skies https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxf065gvz4o94b6/Twilight Tempest.mp3?dl=0 As you can hear, I don't do well singing that phrase for a number of reasons. Besides, it would just sound better coming from a female. I'll provide the melody played with a piano or another instrument, as well as my own voice as needed; sheet music can be created upon request. The first song comes with a text file with the lyrics and phonetics, and I'm always around to give instructions and edits. As the tracks are likely to be part of an album, I can pay you if you wish for compensation-- the first will for sure, but I'm not sure about the second. Reply here or DM me, can't wait to work with some people in the community. Thanks for checking out this post!
  6. It's in the title. I wrote a sweet metal-core type of song with some pretty string parts. Here's the instrumental version of the song. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz60w4kcWCEHb2dSa0owZkxodWM If you are interested in providing vocals, I'll send you the lyrics and an MP3 of how they are sung to the music. No pitched parts at all. It's entirely brutal shouting. It contains a cool little ode to Zeal at the ending. Please reply or email. Having a vocal sample for me to check out would be nice, but not required. Thank you so much!
  7. Last summer I had much more free time than I had ever had before. As a result I decided I would begin work on a youtube channel producing arrangements and remixes of video game music for (french) horn ensemble. I would write the arrangements, then record both video and audio, do editing, and have a video ready to be released on a regular schedule. Not long after starting, I decided that keeping a regular schedule would be more work than I could do as my free time would quickly run out. Quality was selected over quantity, and I would save these arrangements for future use, possibly on OCR. I wouldn't get involved with the OCR community until December of 2016. My first submitted remix to the site was a success, so I figured out I had found a home here. As a horn player, I've been told by so many people that the horn is a classical instrument, and it is not possible to play in other genres. I then proceeded to play professionally in a jazz ensemble, rock band, funk group, and other non professional ventures in other genres such as a gospel choir and mariachi band. I am not the only horn player who has done this. However, the view that the horn is a strictly classical instrument is still very common, and I believe that it is a very limiting viewpoint. There are many horn players who do not feel they are capable of venturing into new areas because they do not think it is possible, and there are many more who want to venture but are held back by teachers, peers, etc. I was told that I couldn't play jazz, a genre I was raised on, and the horn was literally taken away from me when I tried to play. They told me I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO play on trumpet or trombone, then when my skill level was so much lower than it was on my primary instrument, basically told me that I was no good at jazz. I want to contribute to the solution of this problem. My contribution will be a series of arrangements for horn in many genres. This is where the community comes in. As it stands now, I have 4 arrangements that are complete and awaiting recording, and others that are in various stages of completion. I would like to make a whole disc's worth of music, however I would definitely not object to having two or more. I am looking for collaborators on this project. What is the purpose of this project? The purpose of this project is to produce music with the horn as a central feature. One of the arrangements being recorded is a rock track. There are 8 horn parts, and a collaborator is recording guitar, bass, and drums. I recorded all the horns and programmed piano. The horns do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to presenting themes. The other instruments are primarily support, however they are invaluable for the end product. For a different track, it would be different, such as working with a vocalist. If that were the collaboration, they would be the primary feature, with the horns supporting. I am a little split at the idea of having a solo wind instrument other than horn as a feature, however I am open to suggestion. After producing this, there will be a body of work that can be referenced to say "Yes, the horn can do that, and yes you can do that too!" Or for arrangers, composers, or remixers to see what is possible and create new works inspired by this. What would be needed from a collaborator? There are two ways to contribute; as an arranger or a performer. Arrangement contributors would write the arrangements to be performed. Most of the work would be left to the collaborator, and I would edit minor details as needed for playability or effectiveness. Contributing as a performer could involve arranging as described above and also performance with the voice or another instrument. Performers would be highly encouraged to participate in the arrangement process to highlight their strengths. Non musically, an artist to design artwork for the album would be needed. What genres are possible? Many genres are possible. Due to the nature of the project, some genres are more difficult than others. For example, predominately electronic genres such as EDM or dubstep that are driven by synths would be much more difficult to keep the acoustic horn as a central feature. However, if those genres could be made to feature the acoustic horn I would be more than happy to oblige. I have performance experience in jazz, rock, funk, gospel, mariachi, country, and others, and have worked in even more genres not as a horn player, so gaining familiarity would not be much of a problem. I am looking at the London Horn Sound albums for reference. I am excited to work with people on this project, and am even more excited to see what can be produced!
  8. I'm finishing up a Golden Sun metal remix that needs vocals (in English). I'm looking for someone serious and would could give me a hand with polishing up the lyrics (since English isn't my main language -- not looking for just a lyrics corrector, sorry). I'm looking for clean vocals, either high or low pitched (no extreme vocals planned so far). PM me here or on Discord with a few examples if you have some.
  9. #ocjazzcollective some Traditional Celtic Band instruments that I Like: Fiddle: GSO Flute: Acoustic Guitar: Harp: Dulcimer: Bodhrán: This is a goatskin drum used widely in Irish music I was thinking this setup could be used for: & ...or anything really. Contact me via PM or caitrin7@hotmail.com if interested
  10. A friend of mine is covering the Opera from FF6 and is looking for vocalists/singers (2 male, 1 female). PM me if interested. Thanks!
  11. Hey there, beautiful OCR people! OverChoral ReMix! It's an idea that I've been juggling for many years, and yet I've either never had the time or got too distracted with other projects and such to get it off the ground. Since I've been in pretty solid shape over the last year, though, I've decided to give this a real shot. There is a LOT of talent on here, and this is something that I can see coming together and really creating some spectacular music that no one in the community has ever heard before, but it's also something that no one can do alone, either. We need an OCR community choir, and I'm here to offer direction to this group. I will likely be messaging a few people that have shown some form of interest in this effort in the past, but I'm also inviting anyone and everyone to give this a chance, if they have any inclination to do so. If you've ever sung in anything in the past, you will most certainly help. If you can read sheet music to any degree, you will be an absolute asset to this initiative (though I'll work with you if you can't read sheet music). If you can compose and want to supply the group with a VG arrangement, I absolutely insist you send it our way (once we've become established, of course!). To give you an idea of how this will work: If someone produces a solid choral VG arrangement (score, lyrics, etc.), we will sing it, and I will mix it to make it sound like we're singing in a choir. If needed, I will figure out a way to conduct for everyone (brushin' up on my conducting skills!), and I will help with diction (pronunciation), as necessary. To make something like this work, we need to have a solid mix of voices. This includes: - Sopranos (Presumptive range: Middle "C" to "A" two octaves above) - Altos (Presumptive range: "F" below middle C to middle "C" an octave above) - Tenors (Presumptive range: "C" below middle C to "G" above middle C) - Bass (Presumptive range: "E" an octave and a half below middle C to Middle "C") This will not work without at least two people per range, though we can use more than that if others decide to participate (and I hope that they do). This sort of thing has been done before (think FF4 album's Fabul's Men's Choir), and I won't lie that this idea was inspired by this, in some sense. It has also been done on a far larger scale by Eric Whitacre (which turned out beautifully, by the way). This will hopefully be somewhere in between those two examples in terms of scope. I absolutely look forward to working with anyone and everyone that is willing to be involved in this. Currently, I have one arrangement that we can work through, in order to see how well this works in practice (and, let's face it, to make a kick-ass choral VG arrangement, to boot), and I'm hoping that in time we can make more music like it if it works out well. Post in here or PM me if you're at all interested! Be sure to provide your vocal range that you can work comfortably in. Let's make this happen. Members so far: Sopranos: Peíorele* Altos: Rexy* Wildfire* Final Kingdom* Tenors: Gario* Flexstyle* Bowlerhat* Wiesty* Basses: DS394* The Nikanoru* Anorax(?)* Note: Those marked with * have confirmed that they can read sheet music.
  12. Hey, So this is sort of odd but I'm in need of a female opera singer for an arrangement of Sloprano that I'm going to be doing a music video for. The music itself is done and The entire video will be done with puppets. Here is an example of another collab I did a while ago: The latest one is basically Sloprano as a German/Wagnerian opera in the vein of Ride of the Valkyries without giving too much away. The video will be styled like a opera concert shot in berlin, with a female puppet singer in a viking helmet. My idea was to have the first and last verse in english but the middle and end spiel would be in German. If there are any ladies out there who would be willing to lend their vocal talents to this let me know ASAP. You can also PM me for further details. Like I said the music is done, so I just need a vocalist (preferably one who can speak German). Thank you
  13. Hello all! I do instrumental video game remixes but also do vocal remixes too. I'm always looking for new projects to do and I think I am open to do some collab with others! I do mostly rap but I do some singing as well. I'll post samples of my songs for you to hear. Let me know if you have an idea for a collaboration and I'll be glad to do so!
  14. Hello again, everyone! I'm currently arranging and fixing a couple of things on my old Vectorman mix before recording instruments and stuff and was wondering if anyone was interested in providing vocals (male or female) for it? The lyrics are available on SoundCloud and Youtube, so feel free to check them out. They were written by my good friend SuperSonication. Feedback is also very welcome and anyone else who wants to collaborate and re-work this piece with me is more than welcome -- for providing real instruments or arrangements purposes. Thanks in advance
  15. Hello! My name is Stahalamora and I am an Opera/Celtic Singer. Currently working on various tracks with artists from all over, I am looking to collaborate with anyone who thinks my voice would sound good to their music! Do check out my Soundcloud and don't hesitate to contact me if needed!
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