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Advice for a groove?

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I'm working on arranging something that started out as jazz, but eventually turned more and more funky, and I think it would suit me to have people that are more experienced than I help explain to me just how exactly to keep a groove interesting and going. The drums and bass obviously have a lot to do with it, but in a matter of complenting it with other parts I feel like I'm struggling with. Matching up the timings, sure, but any other advice?

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If you could post an example of what you are doing that would make for the best possible feedback. 

I'm guessing your issue is probably not putting enough "life" into your complementing tracks.  If you think about it, a groove is a bunch of musicians all playing with a similar vibe that contributes to the focused personality of the entire track.  I.e. they all have to be feeling the music in a similar way to produce the result.  Sorry to make this sound like a philosophical post but there's really no way to describe it well.  What's probably happening is that you are using vst's or synth presets that vary greatly in attack or with midi that's not tailored to the preset or patch.  This usually would make each part sound like it's not jiving with the rest in terms of playing with similar energy.  Often times this is expected and can be fixed towards the end of writing the arrangement in order to save time but if it's killing your creativity and affecting the desired result of the track then it's better to fix it earlier. 

I would suggest going through each part and either upping the volume to make it much louder than the rest or solo'ing it completely, playing the track, and going through each note one by one until the passage sounds as authentic as possible. Then repeat for all other parts.  If there's something you want but can't get then look at the setting's on the preset and try varying attack/release settings.  It can get tedious but this is where you are going to spend the bulk of your time while writing the track. 

Keep in mind you can get a better result faster if you invest in a midi keyboard and play the parts yourself.  good luck with it!

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