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I can't make new topics in the WIP section

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Now watch and learn, here's the deal

I can't post topics in the WIP section on the forums, but I can post anywhere else! I am wanting to share a new remix I am currently working on and would love feedback/etc for improvements but I can't post new topic does not show up anywhere for me. I'm kind of new at this is there something I just haven't noticed?
Thanks. -)

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So you don't see the 'Start new topic' button at the top right corner of the board? It's possible that you need to scroll the screen further to the right in order to see it, but as far as I can see the button is there. I see you've made posts in the past, so you've been able to do it before - it may be that you're not used to the new layout that's been rolled out on OCR yet. The button should be in the same place as it was when you started a new topic on here (except on the WIP boards, of course), so take another peak just in case. Otherwise, if there are any details of what is actually where the button should be that would certainly help.

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