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Short 8 bit Game Soundtrack

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Did a very short soundtrack to an arcade game I'm currently working on with my programmer.

I used an NES soundfont. Granted these are only demos even by 8 bit standards. Anyone with skill in 8 bit chiptunes please give me tips on making these sound a bit more less muddy. or any other tips on making these sound better,

Let me know what you think!

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It's definitely heavy in the bass frequencies, clipping in some parts. The Final Boss has a lot of muddiness whenever the timpani strikes. If you can see what frequencies the low square is strongest, I believe the solution would be to remove that frequency in the timpani via an EQ.

Level 2 Facist Italy: try making the "-pah" of your oom-pah harmony a little shorter, to make it a little more bouncy.

I want to give more encouragement than "the tracks are servicable" but being as most of these tunes are easily recognizable, there's not a lot I can comment on, on the originality front. What kind of game is this for?

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Thank you for the advice! All this is very helpful. As you said, a lot of these tunes are stereotypical music that Warner Bros would use to represent different nationalities. The level themes, however, are original as well as the Augustus Boss theme. In case anyone was wondering, this game is essentially a parody of the Arcade Donkey Kong as if a Soviet era regime bootlegged it. It's literally one big joke.

I wanted the music to be SOMEWHAT decent. Anyways I'll keep y'all posted as to my progress on the mixing end of things.

Thanks for the help again!

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