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Recreating a synth sound

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Sounds like a soft sine pad with chorus, maybe some FM. The first chord is A# D F G, an A#6 chord. It's then shifted to a C6 and a G#6 afterwards. In terms of the sound design...

I made something kinda like it with a sine wave with a little bit of the first overtone, detuned with eleven voices, and added some chorus and plenty of reverb. There's also a breathy FM layer on top, so I used a default Ah choir from Omnisphere as a substitute. There's a little bit of motion, so I just put some mild slow vibrato, but adding some slight tremolo via an external plugin may be better. It would be even closer if you put an FM oscillator in there, using the sine oscillator as the modulator.

For the ADSR envelope, a slow attack of course, but also a long release.




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