Groovebox - A free iOS music making app I worked on

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Yo, for those of you who don't know I work for Focusrite/Novation on their apps team (aka Ampify). We just released our latest app GROOVEBOX which is a cracking little uh... groove box... with some great synths and drum sounds. It's free to download and try, with some paid advanced features, but you can still make and export some decent stuff without paying a penny (directly to an Ableton Live session if you want!).

Here's a sweet vid: 


And here's the link:

And these are our other two apps Launchpad and Blocs Wave (also free to download):

At this rate it won't be long before I'm submitting ReMixes made only on my iPhone/iPad.

Cain // Fish

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17 hours ago, The Nikanoru said:

I use Samsung hardware, but I don't see a version for Android. Any chance for this coming out for us non-Apple heathens? :)

I see that Oscilab has a Groovebox app for Android which looks similar, but this obviously not Focusrite/Novation ...

Sorry no, it's iOS only for now.

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