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Tales from Arctic Katamari Roundabouts, and You and I, in Cherry Blossom Season


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its been a long time since I submitted anything, here goes! Lemme know what ya'll think

Definitely still taking feedback if I need to adjust the mix or anything like that

Link here:

Lyrics here:

faster than a hundred thousand million billion miles per hour
stronger than a hundred hurricanes from way off shore
katamari is my heart, and you , you are my soul
you're the only one who makes me feel like i'm whole

was there something in the middle of that febuary sky?
did the planet change in some way that cant be quantified?

did anyone else wake up that wasnt asleep?
was anyone listning when the the sound track modulated upward?

did anybody else feel crazy on a springtime sunday?
was anybody else looking forward to the following monday?

nobody else can output half as many lumens
.000000001 percent of humans
and you're mine
in a completely non-possessive way so it is totally fine

I would rather not objectify you while i sing
but you need to know you know you are my favorite thing

thats why I went down down down down to the center
of a world rolled with hundred thousand million billion people

thats where I found you and I and we and we will be together
for approximately ever (and ever)

That's not to say you won't be sometimes doing your own thing with out me without me

hope you have the finest sundays eating fancy brunch with whomever you get to accompany you to them (to them)
just know you are the only person I will always need so drive safe be safe for me

ooh... sakura iro no
ni giyaka na kisetsu deshita (deshita)

duh duh duh duh

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I liked the scale here, taking its time before the vocals hit, the lush soundscape and the kind of maximalist arrangement and all. I thought there might have been some off notes that didn't feel good to my ears, but I'll need to get a better listen and timestamp them and so to be sure. I thought the style went well with Katamari for sure. Lyrics are fun and they look kind of unsingable, but flow really well.


3:50-> there's the Katamari On the Rocks theme in major mode over minor mode backing (or something to that effect), which does sound icky to me.

0:41-> the transition from the intro to guitar strumming, the intro seems to be in minor mode and the next part in major mode - this is fine, but the problem to me is that the minor mode "tails" into the major mode (like reverb or sustained notes) and creates a conflict.

I think I'll give this a few more listens with proper headphones.

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