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  1. its been a long time since I submitted anything, here goes! Lemme know what ya'll think Definitely still taking feedback if I need to adjust the mix or anything like that Link here: Lyrics here: faster than a hundred thousand million billion miles per hour stronger than a hundred hurricanes from way off shore katamari is my heart, and you , you are my soul you're the only one who makes me feel like i'm whole was there something in the middle of that febuary sky? did the planet change in some way that cant be quantified? did anyone else wake up that
  2. Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I put a Chrono Trigger mix you made into an (album) mix I scraped together. I hope you like what it does!


  3. Pillar of Salt = probably my favorite remix of all time. Seriously. Teach me.

  4. Omglol oh my god ell oh ell
  5. I like this, a lot! Very Vince DiCola. What synths did you use?
  6. Hey! I was wondering if you were interested to join my Wild ARMs project? ^_^ I sent you a PM a while back, but you never replied. :(

  7. You know, I have no loyalties. I'll play for either team, provided the challenge is good. Is that legal?
  8. hi i hate reading threads but i would like to possibly fight some remixers. I'm too lazy to read this whole thread to find out the etiquette but if someone wants to take on some salzman action i'd be down. Just send me an email with what song and who the worthy challenger is.
  9. You're a musical genius! Pillar of Salt, Advance With Caution, and Black Wind Rising are masterpieces!

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