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  1. its been a long time since I submitted anything, here goes! Lemme know what ya'll think Definitely still taking feedback if I need to adjust the mix or anything like that Link here: Lyrics here: faster than a hundred thousand million billion miles per hour stronger than a hundred hurricanes from way off shore katamari is my heart, and you , you are my soul you're the only one who makes me feel like i'm whole was there something in the middle of that febuary sky? did the planet change in some way that cant be quantified? did anyone else wake up that wasnt asleep? was anyone listning when the the sound track modulated upward? did anybody else feel crazy on a springtime sunday? was anybody else looking forward to the following monday? nobody else can output half as many lumens .000000001 percent of humans and you're mine in a completely non-possessive way so it is totally fine I would rather not objectify you while i sing but you need to know you know you are my favorite thing thats why I went down down down down to the center of a world rolled with hundred thousand million billion people thats where I found you and I and we and we will be together for approximately ever (and ever) That's not to say you won't be sometimes doing your own thing with out me without me hope you have the finest sundays eating fancy brunch with whomever you get to accompany you to them (to them) just know you are the only person I will always need so drive safe be safe for me ooh... sakura iro no ni giyaka na kisetsu deshita (deshita) duh duh duh duh
  2. Omglol oh my god ell oh ell
  3. I like this, a lot! Very Vince DiCola. What synths did you use?
  4. You know, I have no loyalties. I'll play for either team, provided the challenge is good. Is that legal?
  5. hi i hate reading threads but i would like to possibly fight some remixers. I'm too lazy to read this whole thread to find out the etiquette but if someone wants to take on some salzman action i'd be down. Just send me an email with what song and who the worthy challenger is.
  6. Did I mention you must enjoy the pizza with me in person? It'll be worth it!!!
  7. So, I entered this jingle contest a while back. The grand prize was 10000 bucks but I did not make it to the top 5 so I am ineligible! However, I can still win the fan favorite competition. This is where you come in. It's a popularity contest. So recruiting folks is the only way to win. The prize is a new laptop, which would rock. And free pizza, which I will happily give to anyone who tells me they voted for me. I don't even care if it's true. I'm going to be a pizza philanthropist. So, you should go vote for me. You DO have to register though. I know how you hate registering. I do too. However, this is an easy one. http://www.gattisjingle.com/register Fill that out, confirmation email, etc. So what? You're helping me accomplish something hilarious! When you're done, vote here! Click on the heart. http://www.gattisjingle.com/songs/index/63/ Do it! I'll bribe you with pizza. And heck, it's the least you could do after listening to my music for free, you cheap bastards. Tell your friends!
  8. anyone else? or is everyone not coming because they saw that I would be there?
  9. Dont listen to these amateurs! They are focusing on the wrong stuff. If you want help, aim me. ---> SuperStarBLaSt
  10. It is quite the double standard to require negative reviews to be "constructive" while praise can be inane and trivial. Just because you don't agree with an opinion, you have no right to require that it be asserted differently from yours to be "acceptable discourse". You are quite obviously letting your bias toward this song affect your "moderator" judgment. Not cool. In addition, your assertion one should not disparage someone's credentials is hilariously ineffective given the not-so-subtle credential insult you included in parentheses. Hilarious! And accusing folks of flaming when the only thing that could rightly qualify as a "flame" was a certain "fuck you" from a certain thin-skinned individual? Questionable. That being said, I found the remix to be mediocre at best, with pixietricks barely saving the mix with her obviously tired and out-of-tune voice. It's a testament to her talent that even under adverse conditions she can still swing many people into enjoying a song that would otherwise be devoid of talent. The guitar work was predictable, the mixing was puerile, the recording was so-so. Since this must be constructive per the order of zircon, i offer these suggestions: Guys, sometimes too many hands spoil the pot. A collab sometimes isnt as good as one mixer by himself. Know when to say "hmmm maybe we dont need to include that hilariously cheesy chanting voice just so so-and-so feels included". Guys, know how to take criticism. When you submit a mix that is "just for fun" be sure that folks will still grade it as harshly as they would a real remix. Answering criticism with "Fuck you" or "well, mixing and production isnt the point of the mix!" won't help. Pixie, being prolific with your work is great, but still, quality is better than quantity. Also, what's up with the harshness and bitterness toward the negative singing criticism? I suppose it can only spring from lack of confidence, but I assure you, you have nothing to be unconfident about. All in all, you guys can do better, and should.
  11. Actually, the rumors are true. I have indeed created MaGi_TekK just to write anonymous hilarious reviews for my remixes and trash mediocre ones. It's a pity you crafty internet detectives figured it out!
  12. This is admittedly one of my crazier remixes; it was influenced heavily (oddly enough) by Yes and other 70's progressive rock. The genre-blending is indeed my favorite stuff to do with remixes, but couple that with stuff like 13/8 time signatures and you get a lot of pandemonium. This mix definitely wasnt designed to be a crowd pleaser... OR a "show off" piece as some have suggested. It's designed to be a departure from classic, highly-structured no-dissonance style remixes. Basically, I wanted to prove that you can still do crazy outlandish stuff musically without sacrificing quality. Anyway, thanks for the kind words!
  13. For the record, i didnt mean a word of that. This song blows. Just thought i should put that right.
  14. That "Lamaragashu" part (including repititions) is actually a pretty common phrasing when singing that psalm. Bernstein plopped it in his own song, just like I did. That's not to say that bernstein doesnt kick arse. I love the chichester psalms. But if you check it out, theyre public domain, what with being non-secular and all. So even if i copied the parts that aren't common phrasing, it'd be all sorts of legal.
  15. When people praise mediocre music as being awesome (especially without defending their reasons), it pisses me off. Anyway, since everyone is asking for constructive criticism, I'll give you some. Do something interesting. Making something that sounds like "it could be on the radio, maybe" just isnt enough these days. If you want to be successful in the music business youre going to need something to set you apart. A gimmick, a distinctive style, something. What we have here is very well produced, for what it is, but it's very lacking in creativity. It's not catchy. It's not interesting. But it does sound sincere, which I do like. The only problem with that is the lyrics get a tad on the overly angsty side. The vocalist is very convincing, he sounds great on the mic setup. Then again, rap is rather simple when it comes to recording. I guess my main problem with this is, you guys seem to take yourselves too seriously. Like, how can you be serious saying "ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls!!! lets go!!". Have some fun, guys! Rap is hilarious. Or should I say, Hilarious is Rap! Check it out, I reversed the phrase yo. Represcrent. But anyway, I need to thank you guys for inspiring my latest remix. I'm not one to give criticism standing on something as shaky as 'spacebeam'.
  16. This is really neet, but it could have been a LOT better. Some points: 1. More dynamics. It's about the same level of intensity throughout. I was expecting some sort of beefy climax but I got nothing. 2. You really should have done another take on the vocals. Toward the end the autotuning gets REALLY really apparent. 2:38 is a good example. 3. A breakdown section would have been nice, a break in the middle of the song for synthwork/percussion would have been awesome. The instrumentation is neet, the effects you used were neet but like, they left me expecting a big climax. Guitar solo at the end is cool, everything is pretty well mixed, so if you take those three tips, you'd have a hardcore winner.
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