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to build a buzz for a project

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You put the cart before the horse a lot with the grand plans that you have, and I haven't seen any ability to carry any of that stuff out yet. Start with a more manageable goal like getting some ReMixes posted, which is a solid indicator that you're able to put together cohesive, reasonably polished musical ideas.

Re: promotions and buzz, it's not said out of cynicism, but do not rely on gaming press to promote anything. If you're not connected to any media, you need to get your ducks in a row with the legal aspects first. And when the project itself is strong (i.e. the team, the music, the artwork, and any video work for the KS pitch) and polished, you'll be able to get press then. Don't build "buzz." It's not worth anything until you have nearly all of the pieces in place for the project itself to actually be completed.

Especially these days, most Kickstarters are launched when there's actual far-along progress already made, not before. Kickstarter is not something that will effectively fund an idea out of whole cloth, and it's dangerous to treat it as anything other than fundraising for a nearly-completed project.

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