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SGX ALBUM - Outmoded: Vintage SGX


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Outmoded is a collection of older music that I wrote between 2000 and 2004 that are not currently on any CD. Featured are tracks from right before my album Synesthetic, all the way back to my first original song ever in 2000.



The Source

Somewhere Not Here




Keep it Going (Rhythm Mix)


Follow Me

This World

Forgotten Days

Fields of Echoes

What You Leave Behind





Audio Epic

The View From Above


Blue Horizon (Extended Mix)

THIS is Why

The Way Up

Some Hope Left

Haunting Memories

The Color of Battle

Every track on the CD has been slightly remastered to sound a bit louder, nicer, and to have more punch. 1 hour, 56 minutes total CD audio music, with extra mp3's included as bonus data.

Extras (included data on the CD or within the download .zip file)





-The Motions.mp3

-Through The Sky.mp3

-Under the Sun.mp3

-Various old Planet3 images/logos

-Cover and liner art images for The Source, Horizon, and FeverDreamer the first three CD's that comprise most of Outmoded.

-Written commentary on every track on the Outmoded CD's (should autoload when CD is inserted into drive, otherwise, included in the .zip download file)

-CD insert art has commentary on each of the three albums and a key which identifies which track belongs to which album, and a timeline mentioning every SGX album with date released to present.

-CD's are packaged in deluxe CD cases.


Physical CD's: $13.95 free shipping (get the download free instantly when you order the CD's)

Download HQ VBR Mp3's: $4.75


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Well, you can regard all of the physical CD's special/limited editions because I'm probably not making more than 40 and there's no way I'm going more than 50, so it will be quite limited. That's why there's quite a price difference between the physical and digital versions: I didn't really wanna gouge people on previously released stuff of mine, but the physical package is pretty nice and I put effort into personalizing it with commentary and all those extras, so the physical item could be somewhat of a collector's item.

Oh, and here are two free tracks from the album:



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yeah, if you make a note of it in the comments box in the checkout, i shall sign it.


Nice to see they added Canadian shipping now.

Or...did you change stores?

There is no they for zencart. Zencart is just server software that I install on my webspace and maintain to take orders. It's all me here..no one else is handling orders. Cdbaby.com on the other hand is 'they', but I'm not using them at all for Outmoded because it is limited run.

I did decide to ship to other countries from my zencart orders now though, partly because I'm not using CDbaby for Outmoded and they ship anywhere, and also it was just confusing configuration issues in the zencart software that I hadn't had time to figure out up until recently. I did reinstall zencart about a month ago though since the old installation broke somehow, so if you are a repeat customer and you have to make a new login again, that's why (sorry!).

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I did reinstall zencart about a month ago though since the old installation broke somehow, so if you are a repeat customer and you have to make a new login again, that's why (sorry!).

I was wondering about that. I remember making an account last time, then noticing Canadian shipping wasnt an option, so I ended up giving you the money directly and all that jazz. But I was pretty sure I had an account, so...I guess it's all wrapped up in a near little package.

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