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  1. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    I saw a commercial for Brawl today. It made me happy.
  2. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    I thought you could boost in the original via the left/right business? The other 4 were true though, I know THAT much.
  3. Haha, no, with a 40 hour work-week, I'm too busy for a comeback. Hell, I had a "commissioned" sig from months ago, couldve made about $5, which is decent in internet-monies, but I didn't have the time. Point is, I was SO better than Bummer for a couple of months back when he was a signoob. Course, he kicks my ass now
  4. Who here remembers back when I was better at sig-making than Bummer? *raises hand enthusiastically*
  5. So this doesn't really count, but Kao and I played a little Rock Band yesterday night. Gotta count for SOMETHING, right?
  6. I'd obviously heard this song before, back when it was just posted, as was the custom at the time. But the other day, I was headed to work with my new, GOOD headphones, and it was the first time i'd really listened to the song. And it's awesome. The transitions between different songs are smooth and the guitar just plain rocks. Have to agree with the above point on Clash on the Big Bridge as well, though when I heard that, I had to check briefly to make sure my MP3 of that hadn't been randomly awesome'd-up when I wasn't looking.
  7. More to Icy's actually. Have you posted your GT yet, by the way? If not, send an Invite to "WesPip" on XBL, either via the site or the actual service and I'll add you next time I'm on.
  8. Heh, yeah, I haven't forgotten about it! Guess all we can do it wait
  9. Oh sure, but did I get any birthday wishes? I had to harass them out of REMOD. YOU GUYS SUCK, OKAY. Er, that is to say, happy birthday, virtually-nameless-guy.
  10. The goal has been achieved! UnMod was hurting the community, making it unstable! OCR has grown by leaps and bounds since its removal! UnMod wasn't a community, it was a MOB. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!
  11. Haha, my thoughts exactly. Last time I played it, I also got 61%. I'm very, very slowly improving though. On the plus side, once I manage it, Jordan will be a cakewalk.
  12. What? I did! Not a whole lot cause my paypal account was virtually empty at the time, but I still threw SOME money at poor ol' Beatdrop. He deserves it, after all!
  13. Not ENTIRELY true, per se. I mean, Beatdrop is on DDR soon enough. That will clearly PROPEL him to superstar status, so..uhm..it's...retroactive and stuff. And...and...yeah.
  14. SEND ANOTHER ONE. Kidding, it came today. But if you wanna send another, I won't turn it down.
  15. Heh, yeah, you're not, but I forget who did it, so I can't credit them properly. Shame, that.
  16. Didn't catch this before the edit, but I agree completely. So uhm, not that you post much, but I'm very happy for you, BT, for getting your daughter back safely and in good health and all that. I'm sure you went through hell in the meantime, so it's good to hear there was a happy ending to it all.
  17. This may well be the lamest input ever, but you should do it. Seems like a good idea.
  18. While a bit insensitive, I still snickered at it. Man, don't be so PC. If BT bitches about it, back him up, if not, let it be. Had this comment been posted BEFORE she was safe and sound, I'd agree with your bitching, otherwise, it's fine. Adorable as she is, she's not old enough to even remember her abduction, so it's not like she'll be traumatized or anything. Everything worked out fine and all that, so don't bitch at the guy for trying to lighten up the situation now that it's not critical anymore. edit: if BT tells me it's still insensitive, I'll shut right the hell up [AND apologize to him, for that matter], but as I see it, it's just fine since his daughter's been recovered without incident, so to speak [abduction not being an "incident" in this context...though it obviously is and...semantics and all that]
  19. Apparently so. Oh, and also jacked from linkjing's sig:
  20. Mine hasn't gotten here yet Luckily I've had it downloaded for quite some time now.
  21. Ooh, a new Roe track. Been a while. Comments to come eventually!
  22. WesPip

    Nintendo Wii

    While I agree completely, it's also a bit of a pain in the ass for Pokemon Snap, just for the record. The controls are fine and all that, but the joystick is way the hell more sensitive than the N64 controller's was. I find myself overshooting my target frequently. Buuut of course that's a small price to pay. Definitely, pick up a Classic Controller if you plan on downloading more than one or two VC games.
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