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  1. Hey man, its probably me who bought it too early... the link was actually up on your site yesterday, just as a placeholder I assume, but it was still there. I just went to it as soon as i got up this morning, wanting something to listen to in the car lol. I havent had a thorough listen yet but I think the influence of BT's Binary Universe is quite clear in a few tracks, which makes them all the better. The title track is one of the standouts, it introduces everything so well, and has a wonderful atmosphere, like most of the rest of the cd. It's definately more cohesive than past albums and works well as a whole because of it.
  2. Sega.


    I wouldnt use them as a jumpoff but psilodump and binaerpilot are excellent(thx for the orange dust recommendation red, sounds like good stuff). I cant single anyone out more than Daft Punk. They tend to master whatever they try. Obviously Discovery is their best known album, but I like Homework just as much. Obviously our OCR electronic makers, SGX and Beatdrop, have some amazing stuff. Um, a lot of the other recommendations here are good ones, but i'd love to hear G-T's suggestions, I feel like going back into Trance.
  3. lyrics do not want. I mean they work but i'd prefer an instrumental version. Listenable sure, the synth work is great and the song as a whole is punchy. but... D: Oh well, its still nice.
  4. Budokai is a good game to play with people who dont really play fighters, cos they can still pick it up. But I'm sure Capcom have something good lined up... their misses in the fighting genre are few and far between.
  5. Owned. But seriously, they REALLY needed to do this. Confidence was being drained by the second, and they sat up and took notice.
  6. I hate. Hokatufuckingmaru. Good games Koi.
  7. I don't think you do get a fresh warranty for refurbs, unless they've changed that policy due to complaints.
  8. Er, I doubt tekken 6 will leave Sony exclusivity unless the PS3 goes WAY downhill. It's always been the PlayStation flagship fighter. You're right that the others are confirmed though. As for Banjo 3, if Kameo was anything to go by, Rare havent lost their touch quite yet.
  9. 800 points. But for the good of the people, try to start with a tag you like, as you get friend lists so confused if you change.
  10. Its a points system. Most games are 400 or 800, themes and picture packs are 100-150. Im not sure of the US pricing, but I get 2000 points for about £15-17.
  11. Thats surprises me. Those games have been in europe for a while, at around £15.
  12. Street Fighter III: Third Strike A very solid fighter, perfect for Capcom fans, but very difficult... I haven't got itnto it, I just dont have the time, but what I have played of it was awesome. Yes. Metropolis Street Racer Predecessor to PGR, and most of know how good PGR is. I think they made some better ideas with this one that were lost to make the game easier *not keeping your previous kudos if you do worse in the retry* but thats part of this one's extra challenge. Yes. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Im gonna say No. It was an excellent premise but I just wasnt engaged by it at any point. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but no all the same. Mario Kart DS Ugh, could have been brilliant, but the snaking culture ruins it. No.
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