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Geoffrey Taucer

1. work-in-progress Chrono Cross - Star-Stealing Girl (90's guitar pop)

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I've been on a 90's pop kick lately, so I decided to do a Shawn Mullins-inspired arrangement of Star-Stealing Girl


Stuff I still need to do:

-Re-record most of the guitars (the clean rhythm guitar will be replaced by an acoustic)

-Add vocals/lyrics (ya rly)

-Spice up the bass and percussion

-Spice up (and hopefully live-record) the piano

-Write an ending

-EQ, compression, general production stuff (at which I'm WAAAAAY out of practice)

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How cool! I never would have thought to arrange Star-Stealing Girl like that, that's awesome. You nailed the 90's pop sound on the head. I could definitely imagine Shawn Mullins singing over this, or even Natalie Imbruglia. I too am looking forward to the finished track, especially with vocals! 

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