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OCRI-0010 - Heretic Sinphony

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Heretic Sinphony is a 6-track commissioned album inspired by the music from the 1994 Raven Software classic Heretic. It was commissioned by Emmanuel EXE, with original artwork by Tedd Leger of Mehxôhorr Artworks.

This project started out with an e-mail I received about two years ago. What began with a remix of "The Cathedral" soon turned into a full-blown remix album of Raven Software's Heretic. This game is a classic first-person shooter from the Doom era, with some really good, but overlooked music. I composed and produced this album while working a full-time job (sometimes 60+ hours a week), while putting together a recording/production studio at the same time. It's been a long two years, but I'm finally glad this album is finally coming together and getting released.

EastWest samples (HW Orchestra, Stormdrum, Ministry of Rock) were heavily used throughout this project, and also some 8Dio libraries (Requiem and Studio Sopranos). For the synths, I mosty used Native Instruments Massive and FM8, along with a few sounds from Sylenth1. FL Studio is the same DAW I have used for the last 15 or so years, and I still use to this day. It has great VST and sample library support and provides a super-easy-to-use interface for both arranging and automation.

- Thomas Nelson (Ghetto Lee Lewis)



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