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OCR03647 - Secret of Mana "Variations of Fear"

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Oh man, I came on this mix flood just before bed and I said to myself, "I love Secret of Mana, I'm going to have to listen to at least one. But which?" And then, of course, the start of the flood is none other than Fear of the Heavens, which is an extremely hard piece to do justice to because of its emotional and epic range, so I said, "If they can do this, it's over, I'm in." WELL MAKE ROOM FOR ONE MORE ON THE BANDWAGON, because this is just gorgeous, a wonderful, sweeping take that invokes its own magical feel while not abandoning the core of the opening. The instrument choices, the interweaving melodies, and the quiet, almost thoughtful ending - it works, it all works, and it's all magical. So impressed, so excited, so not going to bed until I hear a few more tracks! Well done!!

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