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Kingdom Hearts - Side X Side (Hand In Hand) (Key Jay's Sky High Remix)

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Hey all,

So I'm pretty sure I can't submit this on OCRemix given the samples that I used, nor am I sure if it really fits the OCRemix style, but I thought I'd still post it here anyways :D

Join me, Hand in Hand as we bump this to 100 Side X Side. If you didn’t get the obvious reference just now, then I can’t help ya XD. This is a stylistic Future Bass House Remix of Hand in Hand from Kingdom Hearts originally composed by Yoko Shimomura.


SoundCloud Version: 

About the Project: http://pkxiii.com

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I really enjoyed this!  Sounds amazing.  What do you produce with?  I've been really wanting to get into future bass but I don't know quite where to start.  Also if you don't mind me asking, what did you use to make your video?  I have been making videos for my songs too but mine are much simpler.  I really like it.  

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Hi there,

Thanks for the listen :D As far as what I use, I'm a Cubase Pro 8 type guy (still need to upgrade >_>). For the videos, I usually just use Premier and After Effects. I've created a visualizer from scratch before, however this time I used someone elses. It's nice but it was a super heavy project to work with. Took me 3 hours even on a powerful system to render x_X 

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Ooo, I really like this. I saw in the other thread (and even dropped this suggestion in there), but listening to this here, the real problematic samples are the two from Sora. Of course the Goofy/Donald samples are not good either for OCR's purposes, but you can look through some Disney material to find suitable substitutes. If those Sora samples are more popular quotes from the game or have some more meaning to the players (Not as familiar with them myself - only played through it once when it came out and once a year ago) you could perhaps speak the parts yourself. You never know, it could be a really cool effect on it's own with your voice speaking Sora's parts.

Sorry we can't actually take Square samples, though - it causes so much unnecessary trouble for people. On an unrelated side note, that Halloween town remix is dope as hell - you've got some real solid vocal chops. It... just autoplayed the Soundcloud list while I was writing this, so there ya go, I'm a fan.

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