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Hi. Lately I finally decided to go into some specific electronic music and I decided it would be future bass. But the thing is, I don't really know what is the structure of this genre. I mean, I know general info. I know that I should use inverted 7th chords and so on, but tbh I don't really know how basic drums lines should look like, or what sound waves use for those characteristic bass sounds and so on, so I hope someone can help me in this matter :). 


TL;DR - I'm super noob in typical electronic music, I wanna ask about structure of future bass.

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To be honest future bass has a wide range of styles within itself that's really impossible to tell you "go do X for future bass".  It depends on the artist and the sound you're going for. One thing I've noticed is somewhat common is the 85-90 bpm range, and the gated 1/8 chords.  As for synths, if you want it to be aggressive, stack your saws, big chords, underlying bass doesn't matter much since texture will be lost.  For stuff that's a bit more calm you'll have to be subtler with the synth choice for your chords.  Drum structure usually follows the chord rhythm usiing the kick and snare.

My recommendation would be to just listen to the type of future bass you want to make and extract the elements by yourself.  That's how different styles within a genre are sometimes born.

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