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MK64 - Toad's Turnpike ["Chill" arrangement]


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Hello people.

Wanted to share here one of my work. It isn't supposed to become an OCR thing, but just wanted to share it with you, as i think it's one of my "best" work so far.
Even if i'm still a noob with synth and i still have a lot to learn about mixing.
But anyway, here it is, any kind of feedbacks, even harsh ones are welcome, as my goal is to keep on improving =)


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I really like this! Especially the dual guitars part at 345ish. Chill is very apt in this remix and it works really well. I'll echo off Voex and say more panning would definitely improve this a lot considering the amount of atmospheric tones in the piece. It will also make it seem more vast which for this piece would be really good. I also wanted to ask what kind of drums you were using, as you could get a bit more variance on them especially the snare, but that might be my ears might be not that great yet at hearing this yet so it might be me. Otherwise I love the track!

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