3. completed Staff Roll from Zelda 3 Recorded on Organ

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Well, I got my mic to work. 

Recorded in mono, messed up a lot, but hey, those pedal are hard to maneuver with your feet.

Feel free to request other songs/give your opinion on this one.

I shall try to record myself playing piano on my huge 8 octave keyboard soon. 

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They may be hard, but that's what practice is for. ;)

Arrangement wise, I don't know the original, so I'll comment based on your arrangement alone. I know there are times when freestyle playing creates better emotional music, but pianists can spare a foot to keep tempo. Organists, not so much. My advise would be to get a silent metronome app or something to help you keep tempo. I also suggest either get a stereo mic or mix your mono so that it comes through both speakers. Audacity might be for you. Other than that, I love the arrangement. Very soothing.

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