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Musicians and Singers wanted!


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Hello all, TheChargingRhino, here.

I am in need of several people to help me create my newest idea for my bonus track in the Star Fox album, Clipped Wings.

Who I need:

Guitar, bass, synths, drums, possibly a piano, singers.

I shall come up with the lyrics and do a practice test, so those that are singing know what I want the overall lyrics to sound like.

The song is now called 

"(We Got) Clipped Wings"

and is going to a mostly first person account of the Battle of Corneria.

Track source is Corneria from Star Fox.


Verse # 1 (for those of you interested.)

"We've been fighting a war, a war that has no end.
We've tried every-thing, we might be on the mend.
When the fighting stalls, I look over the land.
See nothing but destruction, isn't war so grand?
The General's called me in, said that there's one last thing,
to call in the team, the five of us, to bring down the king.
I looked at him,  he looked at me, and here's what I said-
'Sir, with all due repsect, why us?'
And he replied, 'Because you're the best pliots, my dear. Star Fox can't be beat, and I want you to fight Andross' forces.'
So the old hound took me to the hangar bay, where the ships were in a line,
and he said, "We've been working hard, Krystal - listen to them whine!"
And as I watched the ships wheel out, one of them caught my eye -
A sleek black fighter, that one was mine.
Then the call was made, for us to take to the skies.
As I left Pepper's side, I saw tears in his eyes.
And as the Arwings went up blazing, 
I thought, 'Lets give em a hell-raising.'"

I have plans for this to be a rock ballad before the actual rock portion starts.

If you are interested, please PM me!!!

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First voice over of Verse 1.

Feel free to make your own versions, if you want.

I tried to get the pacing right, think it came out pretty good. And I normally do not sing AT ALL.

I tried to match the way Bon Jovi sings in "Dead or Alive", think I did pretty good.


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