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Chrono Trigger Main Theme // The Time Traveler

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Hi guys!

I'm back with a second remix.. As with the first one (Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance // A Journey Through Grand Oceans), it is a lenghty track. Motivated by a few twists and turns which hopefully will keep the listener interested all the way. The style is electronic and instrumental, alternating between a bass/trap/hiphop-ish beat (?) and a slow house groove. Kind of.

Sooo.. ready for review <3 I would love to lend someones ears to hear the mix/mastering of this one. Does it sound good overall? Anything I could change? Many thanks in advance.

Dropbox link:

Removed! Scroll down for the full track. 

Original tune:


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Ooo, that's some deep bass, there. Again, as your last track was, this one is really slow-burning. I think think the use of sampling in this is quite tasteful - almost like a Pogo-Chrono Trigger arrangement, there. My headphones that are listening to this don't have the power to let through that much bass so all I'm hearing is the harmonics (which makes it sound very strange), but that's an issue on my end, not yours. I would suggest running that deep bass through one more low-pass filter to clean those harmonics regardless, considering most people don't have the kind of equipment to get the most outta that phat bass otherwise, but I wouldn't fault you if you didn't do that, either.

I think this actually would be a candidate for the front page... except for one crushing issue. That tasteful sampling? It's sampling a Square-Enix game, which OCR legally can't post. I wish that weren't the case, since I would give this an easy pass otherwise. Right now, though, I'd be forced to shut it down in the inbox... It sucks when I have to deny otherwise great arrangements because of that rule, but there's nothing that can be done for it - blame Square-Enix for that one.

Great job otherwise! It really does sound great, and I look forward to more from you. I just can't see this being altered in such a way where it could eventually get posted, considering how integral the SFX sampling is in this one.

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Overall I would say this is very well done. The main issues I notice are these:

For me the bass is a bit too forward at the beginning and the harmonics sound unpleasant. The issue disappears by 1:00, and other than that I'd say it's well mixed.

I would have preferred some movement of the filter on the lead that starts at 1:50. Its notes all sound too same-y in tambre as is. This is an issue as it plays for about a minute straight and then comes back later.

Also I don't see why the sampling couldn't be reproduced. There's even a Crono Trigger soundfont floating around out there somewhere, depending on how close you need your parts to be.

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@Gario Shocking to hear about the Square-Enix legal stuff! I could try to make a OCR-version but as you're impying, the exchange of SFX would make the tune less cool. Regardless, thanks so much for your thoughts. I'll be wary of sampling their stuff in the future, or mangle all material into oblivion. ;) @Dextastic There's a bit of resonance in the build up first minute, I agree on that. Personally I don't find it unpleasant. Grateful for your input, thanks! 

I have used quite a few instruments from the Chrono Trigger soundfont in this tune btw. The lead at 1:50 for example.. but I can't remember where in the game these girl "la la la" vocals are heard.. Can you? Anyone? Anyways, glad you guys liked it! I might go to the studio tonight and try to make some last minute fixes. :)

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Yeah, while it's in the submission instructions as a part of the 'Arrangement' section, I could see how someone could miss that part about Square-Enix sampling being forbidden. Without going into TOO much history, it was enacted during the great FF6 album kickstarter debacle in 2012. Fun times, fun times...

As far as recreating the samples, it IS technically possible to use that legal work-around by recreating the instruments from scratch in a synthesizer (one artist took another similar route in this remix, actually recording something that mimics that hollow bell sound from Chronotrigger's future area's theme), but utilizing a soundfont would be a no-go (since soundfonts generally sample from the source itself - no Square Enix SFX means NO Square Enix SFX).

The level of work to recreate these synths, rewrite the parts AND convince everyone else (OCR and Square, most importantly) that these were created from scratch and were not directly sampled would be astronomical, for something this extensive. I love OCR and all, but I don't think they're worth that effort, lol. ;)

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