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3. completed Jet Set Radio - Electric Toothbrush Remix

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I'm a simple man. I see Jet Set Radio and I click haha. I like this idea a lot actually. I love this style of music. I like that filtered sounding pad or synth you're using. However, I think it could sound even better if it was filling up my headphones a little more. Maybe with panning or stereo separation. I think the drums could use some swing and reverb as well to make everything sound fuller and more organic. Maybe even some note slides and slightly adjusting the placement of notes on the sax would help too. This is all how I personally hear it though so take everything I say with with a grain of salt.

One of my favorite producers of all time (Nujabes RIP) made music in this style. If you're not familiar with him, look him up and listen. He's one of the best if not the best at this style.


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