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Doom - At Doom's Gate - Heavy Metal Remix (fl studio)

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I present to you my latest creation, it comes straight from the depths of hell :P

I used three different guitar synths to get the sound right, my goal was to match the tone of the original midi video game music as closely as possible, within reason. I know that the guitars doesn't sound all too realistic, but I still think the track sounds pretty good, have a listen and see for yourselves.




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This brings back memories of watching my bro play Doom on an emulator, and me wondering why his gun was in the center of the screen. It's a pretty faithful rendition, capturing the original feel of trying to gun down demons in the glorious days of the SNES. That said, I think that you've got a good basic structure, all that's left is to add some inferno worthy ornamentation and interpretation! A little percussion variation here, a shreddy solo there, maybe some overly dramatic slow part, I dunno. Nice work, either way.

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