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OCRA-0066 - VROOM: Sega Racing


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Racing games were a huge love of mine, despite my being mostly terrible at them -- generally, the better the powerslides, the more fun I had -- and Sega's most fondly remembered products of the genre offered unique experiences, usually with music best described as "smooth," from rock to jazz and back again. It was probably fate I ended up working to finalize this album release, formerly subtitled "The Best of SEGA Racing."

This was a long time coming: several years and several directors, many ups and downs, regrettable delays and omissions. Be aware that several tracks may have spent years in limbo, but are presented here without freshness dating. I was asked to take what we had, revise album art and help put together a release package, but I quickly uncovered quite a bit of incomplete work that I felt needed attention and further development. I'm pleased with the result: because of staff and artist efforts, we were able to establish a ten-track album (plus an instrumental), as opposed to a six- or seven-track EP.

The original vision was to showcase the variety of soundscapes a person could drive a vehicle to, from slow-cruisin' tunes to more accelerated, upbeat tracks, to high-powered lead-foot bangers. We wanted to basically give you a smooth, steady ride in each song. What our artists and staff have put over the finish line will hopefully provide that sensation for you, even if you're not licensed and out on the road.

Special thanks to Robbie "AkumajoBelmont" Sabo, creator and initial director, and to successors Niyazi "DiGi Valentine" Somnez, Stevo "Level 99" Bortz, and Dustin "Theory of N" Lagaly. Thanks also to all our contributors past and present. Enjoy the ride!


- José E. Felix (José the Bronx Rican)


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