2. ready for review Wicked Child (Castlevania) rock/metal cover

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Hi! This is probably my best cover out of eight that I have put up on Youtube and Spotify. Having hard time finding any kind of audience/community to share these so I figured this is the place where I can find some video game music fans that give opinions and hints!

I try to be pretty faithful to the original arrangements and bulid my own stuff on top of that cos' it brings my piss to a boil when you have a metal remix of some tune and it's just filled with double kick and djent without anything to do with the original arrangment.

So there's my modus operandi, enjoy! :)




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Just for shits and giggles - here's the drum and bass version of the Wicked Child to show how exactly I arranged 'em. 

Also to show the bass tone what I got from mixing Laney IRT Pulse guitar preamp for the growl and an amp sim from Studio One for the low tones :D

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