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Wicked Child (Castlevania) rock/metal cover

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Hi! This is probably my best cover out of eight that I have put up on Youtube and Spotify. Having hard time finding any kind of audience/community to share these so I figured this is the place where I can find some video game music fans that give opinions and hints!

I try to be pretty faithful to the original arrangements and bulid my own stuff on top of that cos' it brings my piss to a boil when you have a metal remix of some tune and it's just filled with double kick and djent without anything to do with the original arrangment.

So there's my modus operandi, enjoy! :)




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I suck at this! :D
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Sorry for the wait on getting a formal eval here. This is a pretty nicely personalized cover. The drums clearly sound programmed, but have a solid tone to them. The overall sound could have been a little sharper, but certainly nothing meaningfully dinging the quality of the listen. I was initially worried the arrangement would stay too conservative due to the beginning being more of a genre adaptation, but great job using the middle to do some original writing over the top of the "Wicked Child" theme, and then going even more expansive with the new part-writing over the top of the source tune for the final section. If you haven't actually submitted this one, go ahead and send in on over; this is solid and would at least have my vote. Nice job! :-)

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I've reviewed your remix and have set it to Completed status, indicating that I think your remix is ready to be submitted to the Judges Panel. Congratulations!

If you feel like you still need to work on your track and want more feedback, you can change the prefix back to Work-in-Progress and we'll go through the review process again.

If you decide to submit your track, please change the prefix to Submitted after sending your email. Thank you!

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