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OCR03734 - Undertale "Glitterbomb"

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I, for one, think that the overall "all over the place" feel for this remix matches the in game character PRECISELY, & that philosophy that the artists came in with really shows. I think it's well suited, and funky as hell. Don't let the man with angry saxophone catch up, or you're dead. :-P

there's just something about live instruments, and the saxophone, flute, and guitar all shine (or, or sparkle??). Is the bass guitar from the beginning sampled, because it sounds like the real thing to me…? My only wish, after hearing that guitar right at the start, with a super interesting start, had a bit more play in the track. I was a little bummed that I didn't hear a bass solo or something else done with the bass, but this is a MINOR nitpick.

Longboxofchocolate (and Philippe) has done it again, and again, with another top-quality track. Stick it in your ear for a while because it's GREAT, doesn't really matter if you think disco is dead. :) 

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