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Recent Djent/Metal Music

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Hello again.  It's been quite a while since I first posted here, but I've decided to link some of my newer original music.

Although I have also made some electronic and chiptune tracks, I have mainly still been writing many short "djent-y" themes, a few of which I will link below.  My previous thread is obsolete as the tracks that used to be linked there were WIP versions of very old tracks that I've since uploaded to SoundCloud.  Rather than re-post my oldest tracks here, I'm instead sharing some of my most recent music.

The mixing quality and compression varies a lot amongst the short metal tracks, as I am still experimenting and learning how to make very heavy music like this sound better (e.g., heavy and aggressive but without being too clean, harsh, or messy).


From 5 months ago:

For this I tried to make something extremely "evil" and foreboding.  Basically a wall of distortion with ominous choirs.

From 6 months ago:

Inspired by games such as DOOM.  Same thing as above:  Wall of distortion.  No choirs or synths, though.  I don't really like the drum samples I used...


Within the past week:

Use of dissonant, distorted chords.  I think the drums in this are better than the drums I used in older stuff.


This one has more melodic, slightly less distorted riffs.  Making extremely down-tuned bass sound good is the main problem here for me.

Thanks for listening!  I am always finding ways to improve, but I enjoy making these themes.

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Honestly, you got my head bobbing with what you have shared here. Personally I thought the drums for "The Final Depths of Deimos" were fitting, I don't know why but they give me the BFG vibes. I haven't really heard much Djent, but some of the remixes by Vincent Moretto have made me familiar with the style.

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