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Advance Wars (MP3's Inside)


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I'm sure that anyone who has played any game in the series knows that Advance Wars has very memorable music, and it's a shame that it isn't represented anywhere on this site. I've ripped some of the best CO themes from the DS installment of the game for some people to take in.

Andy - http://gimehost.com/v/6944768/1165565582940.mp3.html

Sami - http://gimehost.com/v/5021948/1165567401140.mp3.html

Grit - http://gimehost.com/v/5670913/1165568293816.mp3.html

I will gladly rip more tunes for you guys if it helps get some songs remixed.

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No, you're giving me ideas... are you anyone special on that site in your sig? 'cause I'm working on building the entire set of advance wars vehicles (Hell, the whole game) in 3D.I already have BH's Rockets, APC, and missiles completed, which in total only took me about 2 hours.

Remember that Chrono Trigger 3D thing? Hells yeah. Ill post pictures tomorrow, when I can get them off of my schools computer. Seriously. Some programmers, maybe other artists. But at the speed I'm gong at, We wont need more. I smell a cease-and-desist letter. Fun!

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I totally agree on an Advance Wars remix, especially since Nintendo decided not to remix any of the CO music from the first two games. The difference in quality between Jess' theme and Grimm's theme is leaps and bounds. At the very minimum I'd like to at least see (well, hear in this case) remixes for all the co's featured in the first two games. I'll get some links up in a second for those of you who are curious of what songs I'm talking about.

Need to switch computers.

EDIT: [link removed - don't link to GH]

Well, couldn't get the links I wanted but Galbadia Hotel has the entire soundtrack.

Here are my suggestions:

Jess' theme

Eagle's theme

Grit's theme (I'm sure this has been tossed around a bit, but for good reason.)

Andy's theme

Max's theme

Sami's theme

Nell's theme

Lash's theme

Hawke's theme

I would, of course, just suggest the entire Advance Wars: Dual Strike soundtrack, but these are some of the best songs to start off with.

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I'll take that one step further. An AW:DS COVER ALBUM, non-ocr, probably, with all the CO themes done with live instruments. Orange Star focuses on guitar, Blue Moon on Brass Strings and Percussion, Green Earth on kinda different stuff... Yellow Comet, on, well, also a bunch of stuff, Black Hole on Techno.

All live instruments, like I said (except Black Hole). It really isn't a bad idea, a cover album would be a hell of a lot easier to do than a remix project, for sure. And it'd bring up the appreciation for this game on OCR a whole bunch.

Anyone think it's a good idea? We'd need one or two REALLY GOOD bands with REALLY GOOD guitarists...

Seriously, thoughts? I'm so sick of hearing "I want this CO", "I want that CO"... Let's get all of 'em done with at once...

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Woo I second that! I'm a n00b at mixing (most of my stuff is just FL presets x_x) but I could lend a hand with the Black Hole themes perhaps...

Oh and on BHHQ I'm pretty much just a normal member but you could contact XanderX about it. I'm sure he'd be interested in hosting it and maybe some of the members could lend a hand :) We were hosting Custom Wars but that never progressed much so we dropped our affilation with them. But your idea sounds quite promising :D I'll PM you XanderX's email adress.

And not to brag but BHHQ has the best quality soundtracks of AW2 and AWDS so if you would like to hear them I recommend you go there. The soundtracks from competitor's sites have beeping noises at the start and everything. However, the volume in Drake's theme in the AWDS soundtrack is wrong but the rest are fine.

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I'm glad to see that some poeple have some genuine interest in this game, and want to see it remixed as much as I do. I can't remix, (that's why I'm posting here) but if anyone wants help getting samples or anything else, I'd be glad to help.

I know that portable game music is unpopular to remix, mainly due to the target demographic (children.) But I know for a FACT that this soundtrack deserves a second life.


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