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Any paid jobs on this website?

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Umm... sometimes such things show up in the recruit and collaborate topic, but if you came here looking for a job to pay bills, you definitely did not come to the right place. In fact, the only places I know of that even have game music gigs are already stuffed with thousands of other composers who watch for those openings like a hawk and swoop down as soon as they are posted. Kind of a depressing sight, really.

Though, I'll give you this, someone who can transcribe music by ear to a .mid file or something is definitely a service I'd be personally interested in paying some money for. I don't have a need for that right this moment, but that's one of the few music skills I haven't been able to pick up and people aren't making .mids of modern VGM anymore. I'd definitely want to know some rates and bookmark a website or something if you've got it.


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Ok cool, thanks for you interest.

Any songs you two are looking for and what prices are you willing to negotiate for them?

My policy is that you only have to pay if you are satisfied with my work, but if you are satisfied and don't pay then I don't work on another song till I recieve payment.

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Well, like I said, I don't have anything dire at THIS moment, but there's a Hiroyuki Sawano song I'd probably like to rearrange that I'd need help in figuring out. Not the entire thing, just the basic essentials of the composition.

I don't know what the going rate for that is. Without it being something that profits me in any way, I probably would hit it at around $35 for what I'd need to get from it or other songs (I don't often need the entire arrangement all placed out), but I also don't really enjoy lowballing either.


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