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  1. When I play Gamecube games, it seems like some of the sounds are being generated by the internal VST or soundfont of the gamecube. Some claim it is samples, but I'm pretty sure Gamecube has a default audio player that plays audio files containing note instructions only. I am wondering how to get that audio player into FL Studio. Some people just tell me to download Gamecube or N64 soundfonts, but most of the soundfonts are pretty terrible and have shrilly sounding loop points.
  2. misty78

    I want to build you a computer

    If and when I ever have a budget, you will be the first guy I talk to when I need a custom built computer.
  3. misty78

    Any paid jobs on this website?

    Ok cool, thanks for you interest. Any songs you two are looking for and what prices are you willing to negotiate for them? My policy is that you only have to pay if you are satisfied with my work, but if you are satisfied and don't pay then I don't work on another song till I recieve payment.
  4. misty78

    I want to build you a computer

    Lost most of my money on cryptocurrencies, could not cough up the 1700 even if my life depended on it.
  5. Hi I'm trying to pay my bills and could use some paid jobs. I am very fast at transcribing music at high accuracy. Are their any paid jobs for remixes, or creating new songs, or transcribing music, which I am very good at?
  6. Ok so I'm pretty good at making music. But my computer isn't that strong so if I use high quality VST's it lags. So I'm looking for a partner. Basically, someone who can turn my MIDIs into high quality pieces. The other thing is, when I am composing, the song starts off very good but then I don't know where to go with the song. So the cool thing is, you are welcome to extend or modify my music in any manner. So, how do this work? Basically, you do whatever you want to my music, then submit it here. If I approve your modification of my piece, both you and me get unlimited rights to the music. If I don't approve, then you do not get the rights to my song, and I will not use your modified version of my song for any purpose, unless you give me permission to do so. So basically, you get free rights to my music as long as you do good with the song. It's kind of like a win win and you get a composer working for you for free. If there are multiple submissions which are good, we both share the rights (between us, but the other 5 users don't share between them. So for example, if John and Mary gave me their submission, and I thought both were good, then John and me would share the rights, and Mary and me would share the rights, but John would not have the rights to Mary's submission.) If you are interested and want to begin, either post a description of your talents underneath, or send me a PM.