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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - "Frozen Kingdom" Tantal (Night) Remix


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Hey everyone!  I would really appreciate any feedback you can give on this track! It started off as a boom-bap / lofi groove, and evolved into something more.  The "chorus" section teeters on the edge of more electronic, maybe future bass?  Anyway, the general structure of the remix is done, and I'm happy with how it sounds but I feel like it could use something else.  Please leave your honest thoughts, feel free to roast the track too if you hate it! 

Also, one thing in particular, PLEASE let me know what you think of the bass.  I've been having trouble reigning it in but it sounds a lot better now than it did a few version ago.  Just let me know if it sounds too loud.  

THANK YOU to anyone who is willing to listen and give feedback!  I'd be happy to return feedback if you link me to your post.  




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I like your direction with this. The source does seem like it's almost begging for such an arrangement. The first thing I noticed was the perpetual staticy sound that sorta resembles rain. If it is supposed to be rain, well, it needs a little more splash and a little less... yeah. ANYWAYS. I agree that the chorus leans a little more towards electronic music, but mostly just from the melody lead. It comes close to making me cringe at times, but I do think that with a little tweaking it would be just fine. Maybe try lowering the frequency or fineness to make it blend with the rest of the piece more. I also thought that the percussion felt a little loud at 0:23 to 0:40ish, maybe it's just because the intro is more quiet than the verse. I think the bass carries the other sounds well, though. So yeah, less static, reign in that lead for the chorus, maybe a little dynamics control. Still like it though, I might have to get this game.

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