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Help with my wirless

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Well, around the begining of Fall, my computer crashed. In my brillance, I dumped some coin into a new setup. It actually turned out pretty nice. The motherboard even came with a built-in wireless access point/station.

So I figured it'd be pretty nifty if my laptop didn't have to gank wireless from everyone else in the dorms. So I set this thing up as an unprotected network (I know) and get on the network with my laptop. That works fine for about a day, and then my comp starts saying "this network is WEP key protected", which it isn't, but despite clicking "open network" not two seconds ago.

The Motherboard is a ASUS M2N32 SLI-Deluxe. Of course, my immeadiate reaction was "Update the Drivers". This would proceed wonderfully if I could download any of the drivers on the page:


Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't know, this might sound a bit far-fetched but...

... if your wireless network was insecure, someone could, theoretically, log on to the router's ip address and make administrator changes, such as password, network ISSD, etc etc.

If such was the case, the only thing to get your router back would be to press a tiny reset button that is usually placed at the back of your router (all routers have one). After this, then log on to the router's ip address, make the necessary changes to make it secure, and that's it!

Setting up a wireless network sounds daunting if you've never done it before, but it's really quite simple. So simple, a caveman can do it. :tomatoface:

EDIT: If someone actually logged on to your router and did what I said, well, frankly, I think it's funny. Hahaha! Sorry.

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And I still have administrative ability. I'm thinking there's a software conflict somewhere. This thing already needs extra programs just to run the speakers. Not drivers mind you, I had to install a fucking program to run the speakers. New tech, my ass. And I've had problems with the router conflicting with my sound. It's been a fuckin' learning experiance with this thing.

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So I set this thing up as an unprotected network (I know)

That was the worst thing you could have ever done EVER when setting up a brand new motherboard with Wifi.

IF there is a reset switch, it needs pushing whether you like it or not. If there isnt a reset switch, you need to be resetting either the bios, or uninstalling/reinstalling the Wifi software and drivers which should bring them back to their original settings and state.

Then, you want to be setting up a SECURED network. You live in a dorm for christs sake. Almost everyone knows how to steal internet in a dorm and some even know how to be a nuisance to the unsuspecting owner with it.

On another note, maybe your laptop is trying to connect to a wifi device that isnt your motherboard. Maybe your device has the same name as another device in the area, and they decided security was a good idea. You never know.

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